About Astrological Services

Readings by Ryhan

Ryhan is available for private readings offering his skills in horary, electional, and natal services.

Horary astrology is best used for answering specific questions in order to find the specific answer to that question.    Staying away from general questions that start with phrases like “Will I ever…” and focusing more on specific time frames (within the month, year, etc) will provide a better, more concise answer to the predicament.  Horary is best used for questions like:

  • Will X and I be in a relationship?
  • What gender is my unborn child?
  • Will I get a new job in the next six weeks?
  • Will I win the lawsuit?

But can also answer many more questions.  It’s also important to be as clear and concise as possible with your question.  Confusing questions can lead to confusing answers, and that’s not helping anyone.

The price of a horary consultation is $35.  You can purchase one by following the Paypal link below, but please send an e-mail to star-soldier@hotmail.com with your question and all necessary background information before you make the purchase.  Ryhan will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm the payment and question and get the answer to you within 24 hours.  The horary response is likely to be less than 500 words as the answers to the questions are usually rather specific but they will oftentimes come with advice on how to best proceed with the situation.


For those learning astrology and wishing to use their horary charts for learning purposes, there is a premium horary option that includes the chart and the explanation of judgment.  This report can be anywhere between 1,000-2,000 words and will include the methodology used to reach the final answer.  This is useful for those who want to eventually learn to do their own horary questions and can use the judgment provided as an example.  The price for the explanation of judgment and the longer report is $45.  The same rules apply, please e-mail star-soldier@hotmail.com before purchasing.

Electional astrology is useful for when you want to plan a venture to have optimum chances of success.  Electional astrology can be used to help you start just about anything with the deck stacked in your favor.  This type of astrology can be useful in helping to plan the beginning of events and undertakings like:

  • Weddings for a long and happy marriage.
  • Sex for the best chance of conception.
  • Surgeries for the best chances of correcting the medical problem.
  • Quitting smoking or some other habit so you don’t regress.
  • Starting a business for the best chance of success.
  • Applying for a job.

The price of an electional consultation is $50.  You can purchase one by following the Paypal button below and sending an e-mail to star-soldier@hotmail.com with the particular type of event you would like elected and the time frame to place the election if there are some kind of  deadlines to work between.  Unfortunately, the results of the election can’t be guaranteed as the main promise for things will be expressed in the natal chart.  For this reason it’s best to send your natal information with your initial e-mail to give the astrologer the best information to work with.  Oftentimes you’ll receive multiple election charts for your time frames with a brief statement about the particular positives and negatives of the specific charts for you to pick the one you feel most comfortable following.


Temperament Analysis is a basic natal chart delineation technique in which a person is attributed one of the four classical temperaments as a dominate temperament type.  The service provides a temperament calculation and an email session discussing the effects of this temperament (or combination of temperaments if that is to be the case) on the personality and health of the individual as well as constructive ways to alter ones lifestyle to help bring the individual more in balance and to work to alleviate difficult personality or health concerns.  The price for this service is $15.  Accurate birth information (date, time, place) is a plus, but not required though accuracy of the service may suffer due to incomplete data.

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Readings by WinterSprite

Wintersprite1 is now available for private readings within various fields in Astrology.

With each person and each situation as unique as lets say, an Astrology chart 🙂  Fees are based per hour and can be broken up for the amount of time needed.

Services include:
Relationship Synastry
Natal interpretation
Some Horary

Please contact Wintersprite1@gmail.com for additional information.

First option is $30 for a half an hour+ consultation going over one type of chart.  Examples would be 1 Davidson, or 1 Synastry, or 1 Composite.


Second option is $60 for a half an hour+consultation that can go over multiple types of charts.  Instead of just picking one of the examples in the above description, you could choose to go over two of them, or even all three.


6 comments on “About Astrological Services

  1. Hello Wintersprite,

    I am interested in finding out what’s going to be happening in my life over the course of the next 6 to 12 months. I am also interested in synastry/composite astrology for a relationship. What type of package should I buy?


  2. Hi! I never received your e-mail. What is your e-mail address so I can make sure I find it?


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