2 comments on “Midpoints Solving Issues in Synastry

  1. I really enjoy your posts and appreciate all that you and Ryhan do and share.  Midpoints are useful in understanding solar arc progressions, secondary progressions, transits, and house cusps. Cosmobiology, the Ebertine method based on Alfred Witte’s work maybe of interest to you as well. The more midpoints are used the easier calculation becomes. Ebertine’s method of transcribing planetary combinations is easy to read and write also. Example: Venus/ Mars= Neptune. (The / means midpoint.) Of course the glyphs would be used in place of the names of the planets. Multiple combinations can be used. For instance the midpoint of a combination of planets in any element of sign can be determined. Example in the transits of April 2, 2014: Neptune 06 Pisces and Mercury 22 Pisces equals: Neptune / Mercury = Chiron at 15 degrees Pisces (by 1 degree at the time of this writing). So 14 -15-16 degrees Pisces, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Gemini become vital.

     I couldn’t resist setting up your chart by Astrodienst. I hope you don’t mind. The placement of your Moon(Cancer) /Pluto (Virgo)= Venus in 8 Aquarius.  Your  natal Moon/ Pluto = Venus ( at 8 degrees Aquarius)  Your natal     Pluto at 14 Virgo Your natal   – Moon at 6 Cancer =                                  64 degrees divided by 2 = 32 32 degrees + 6 Cancer = 8 Leo/Aquarius/Scorpio/Taurus

    My natal Sun        = 16 degrees Aquarius

    My natal Mercury  =  0 degrees Aquarius                               16 divided by 2 = 8 degrees of Aquarius My natal Pluto       = 8 degrees of Leo My Sun/Mercury=Pluto (opposes Pluto) My Sun/Mercury = 8 degrees Aquarius/Leo/ Scorpio/ Taurus Your Venus at 8 Aquarius is the midpoint of my natal Sun/Mercury and opposes my natal Pluto at 8 degrees of Leo.

    All of this last sentence can be written in glyphs making it easier for personal chart notation. I hope you pursue midpoints and solar arc. It made astrology so much more meaningful for me. I hope it does so for you as well. Deme WordPress.com wintersprite1 posted: “Occasionally we run into a synastry chart that defies common sense.  Problems that are in the Natal chart show up in relationships but then do not surface in others.  Midpoints may solve the mystery.  There used to be a wonderful generator out there, but “

    • Didn’t mind you used my chart at all…it is there to let others play with it. Thank you for the information that you provided. I know I need to learn more all of the time. I sometimes feel we have so much to go back to that we need to pick and choose. It was seeing how in
      synastry that it could solve issues that got me excited. Your recommendation to study them closer will be taken seriously by me. I just bought a solar arc book, and once getting through that, midpoints are next.

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