One comment on “Transiting Saturn Takes Aim at the MC/IC

  1. Just a few hours after writing this blog….. I got a letter from a government agency requiring me to prove my citizenship as I was born abroad. (IC/4th house: Our roots and early home.) Seriously??? I have gone to school here in the states since ’68, worked for over 20 years, voted since 18, I have had government backing on home loans, and had and have school grants and loans….. and now they want proof????? BOOM goes Saturn. 10th house realization, even though I have proof of being a citizen with the documentation of “citizen born abroad” I was also Naturalized as the government did not want duel citizenship status…. I was 12 and did not know that it was optional. So now Naturalized, I can not become the President of the United States….. Saturn on the MC realization BURN!

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