7 comments on “The Ninth House

  1. Hi! Very interesting post. However, i’m a bit confused. Having Sun, Saturn, Mercury and Pluto in the 9th house, what does that say about me? I don’t know how important it is, but Libra is in the 9th also. And are the sings in witch those planets are, inportant too? Thank you for the post, it is true that rearly anyone pays attention on this house.

    • A lot of it is going to hinge on Venus in your chart, but are Saturn and Mercury also in Libra?

  2. Hello again! Thank you for responding! Saturn is in Scorpio, so is my Sun, but Mercury and Pluto are in Libra. Venus along with Mars are in the 8th house, both in Virgo. How does Venus affect’s my 9th house? Also, i’m a Capricorn rising. I have Saturn writen all over me! 🙂 thank’s again!

    • Venus is going to effect if because Venus rules the Ninth by Libra being on the cusp of that house. But, Mercury and Saturn are probably going to have a much more direct effect on Ninth house matters since they are actually in that house. Both of those planets have natures of skepticism and lean more towards questioning and studying than following and believing.

  3. Hi, it is an interesting introduction of the 9 house.
    I have an empty 9 house and the ruler Mars is in conjunction of my ascendant, it also squares sun, the ruler of my 1 house. (my sun conjunction nadir) Months ago a guy told me that the aspects means my higher aims (here the person referred to my current PhD study in an oversea country) )will not bring any benefits to the “self” represented by my sun, instead, it will make me suffer and regret for my efforts.

    If his words meet the reality that is OK. But I really enjoy my learning now …(@?@)…

    • It’s an interesting way to approach the Ninth house. It certainly does have its connections with higher learning, but I’m wondering how you feel about what it has to say about your outlook on religion or your life’s philosophy.

      Based on the information in the article, what do you take from it?

  4. Hello Ryhan.

    By Whole Signs, my 9th House is in Capricorn, and in it, there’s Mars, the waning Moon and Venus (also Caput Draconis, not that it matters much haha). Saturn is in Aquarius, and Jupiter is in worse condition than Saturn, but in trine to the 9th House. This is a diurnal chart.

    I’m not quite sure what this means with regards to my religious beliefs. What do you think? (I’ll let you collect your thoughts before telling you what my actual religious beliefs are, so as to not affect your interpretation.)

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