2 comments on “Smoke, Mirrors, and 15° Leo

  1. I like this piece – I would say I’m not nearly as experienced in Astrology as yourself but I do frequently feel frustrated that such a sophisticated and elegant tool for understanding, isn’t perceived to be all that credible by most people. Encouraging online Astrologers to note their sources and engage in some critical thinking can only be a good thing, in my view. One day I’m sure we’ll understand how the cosmos influences us, and that will be a truly satisfying time for Astrological devotees like myself (if it happens in my lifetime!). Thanks for the article.

    • Thank you Zoe,

      I feel like this post will have the impact of a jello sword. It is ramped the amount of disinformation that is locked on forever on the web. And if the foundation is weak that a person learns on, the whole structure is eventually unstable. But more books are written, posts posted, blogs created with the same error repeated over and over and over.

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