7 comments on “Astrology’s Sour Grapes

  1. Jeez, I am surprised at such a widespread, negative projection. I don’t happen to agree with the consensus on the outcome of the election. What am I do?

    I chose to not comment to be polite but now I, along with everyone is green-eyed? I’m sorry. Nice theory, but I think it’s presumptuous, misguided. I know it’s insulting.

    • To disagree is fine and I am sure there are many others also feeling such.
      The point of the article is that Astrology made it to the media and was treated with respect instead of the usual ridicule. What if they are wrong? There are many other professions that predict out comes that also turn out wrong. If the outcome predicted was the opposite, I would still expect other Astrologers to be congratulatory at the professionalism shown. It is rooting for the home-team (the Astrologers, not the candidates).

    • She wasn’t so much accusing people of jealousy as she was asking people to take an honest look at why they aren’t being very supportive.

      You don’t agree with their predictions. That’s cool, whatever. Does that mean you automatically have to be apathetic to it? Or are you only going to be supportive if you can have your cake and eat it too? If anything, this little article just highlights the apparent dissonance in people who want serious astrology to be taken serious or at least not played for laughs. Well here is that time and all you can hear is a chorus of shoulder shrugging. Why? You’d expect this kind of reaction from the public at large, but from our own community?

  2. Hi wintersprite1 – I’m “Twilight” from Learning Curve on the Ecliptic blog – your commenting system wouldn’t allow me to enter a comment by my usual name. Anyway, just to say that, though I don’t call myself a pro-astrologer I did mention the astrologers’ prediction and the appearance on CNN etc in a post on 2 June . I don’t think I said anything untoward – certainly didn’t feel jealous. My feeling was of surprise that the astrologer was even asked to appear on national TV in the USA for this purpose ( for that matter it would have been surprising in the UK too I guess.)

    • Hm, does Blogspot use the Gravatar system? That’s strange if it does and it’s still not working.

      I think we all were surprised by the interviews!! We’re not trying to make anyone defensive, so don’t take it that way or as an attack, we’re just trying to get people to be honest! Tough work, I tell you.

  3. eh, thinking it is just how apathetic society has become. On my Facebook I just put a link to new evidence of voter purging again in Florida…. no responses, no likes…. and even sadder, another link about a man CURED of AIDS. Nothing…. really, nothing. But I put up a funny pic and it is comments, likes, and shares. As much as I love comedy, I have to say, I think I would trade all the humor in the world to have had AIDS cured long ago.

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