2 comments on “On Differing Views of Magic

  1. well, red is the color of mars, right – but Mars rules the sexual aspects of love and war !, red is also the color of life (blood), green is a Venus color,but earthy Venus (rules Taurus and the second house!) is also about wealth and luxury – and business relations. Ancient goddesses of love also ruled war (Inanna, Ishtar AND Aphrodite in her more archaic form) – so red might not be so far off.
    There is also a relation to the elements (red -fire, passion etc.)
    I#d say wiccan (neopagan) magic is mostly based on rosicrucian (hermetic) traditions of the 19th century – so there is still a connection to the old ways of renaissance magic.
    And : Magic IS within you – as Paracelsus said – Microcosm (man) corresponds to Macrocosm – hermetic views of the cosmic principles (as above so below, as without – so within … )
    You are right about the New Age “Law of Attraction” nonsense – as displayed in such “enlightened” works like “The Secret” -a simplistic rip off to make money.

  2. But what does Mars have to do with love? Sexual aspects of love? This is what I meant when I mentioned modern cultural ideas. Same thing with Venus/Second house/Taurus thing.

    There’s no doubt that there is magic within people, but the question is how much magic is there within everything else?

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