2 comments on “A Sign of the Times

  1. I’ve always understood that the secondary significator of the querant is always the Moon, so if a woman were asking the question, she would be the Moon every time. Am I mistaken?

    That would mean that if the male were the querant and the female were the quesited, she couldn’t be the Moon only because he already is. In that instance, is the male still the Sun (so he is represented by 3 planets)? So hee is the sun, the moon and whatever the lord of the first house is, and she is the lord of the 7th, plus Venus?

    Question: is this the application even if the man in question were still a very young man? Does a guy in his teens or early to mid-20s still get to be the Sun, or is he Mars?

    I’m sure somewhere in there is what sounds like a really ignorant question. Horary is not my strong suit. 😉 Sorry.

    • When it comes to relationship horaries the only significators you’re really going to be interested in are the lords of the First and Seventh to represent the two parties. If the First and Seventh lords don’t make a connection then you’ll want to see if the Moon and the Seventh Lord do, but otherwise there isn’t a lot of fuss about other planets and you aren’t going to have instances where one person is signified by multiple planets in all contexts.

      By this I mean, situations like you described (where one person is signified by three planets and another by two) don’t happen because you filter other planets out. It basically goes like this:

      1) What’s the relationship between the Lord of the First (querent) and Lord of the Seventh (queisted)?

      2) What’s the relationship between the Moon (significator of events) and the Lord of the Seventh (queisted)?

      3) Finally, what’s the relationship between the Sun (man) and Venus (woman)?

      Only in these contexts are these significators considered. If (for example) the querent is a man and the Lord of the First is applying to Venus Venus doesn’t represent the woman he’s asking about in this context (unless Venus is lady of the Seventh), because Venus only signifies women if you are scrutinizing her relationship with the Sun. Otherwise it’s just Venus and signifies whatever house Venus is the lady of.

      I hope that made sense, it’s a bit difficult to explain it in text sometimes.

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