5 comments on “Horary Technique: Via Combusta

  1. So are we talking about Sidereal placements or tropical placements? I’m guessing that many of the earlier astrologers who held that the Via Combusta extended from the middle of Libra to the first several of Scorpio were echoing what other astrological traditions (Nakshatra Astrology to name one) said about that slice of the ecliptic, Vishaka: That is is the center of conflict, and after that Anurhada is the calm after the storm. Trying to drag rulerships mapped out in sidereal history, with ever only sidereality in mind as it didn’t exist anywhere until well after Ptolemny, onto tropical degrees presents a problem. When you look at a lot of ancient concepts in astrology such as rulership, critical degrees, etc., you’ll see that many are referred to in sidereal degrees that seem to be carried over from the Lunar Mansion or Nakshatra traditions, which we know to be already ancient and spread across Asia and Europe during the emergence of Western Astrology.

    • The degrees in the article are tropical.

      Thank you for the information about Nakshatra’s views on this section of the ecliptic, that’s very interesting and isn’t something I was aware of since I tend to focus more on the Western tradition’s lunar mansion usage. Is the mansion Vishaka in this area of the sky now, did it used to reside there, or is it associated with a star in this area?

      But yes, you do see this problem a lot in Western adaptations of Eastern techniques, like Western lunar mansions will stay still, sometimes, depends on who you want to listen to. The mystics typically say they move, whereas the astrologers say they stay put.

      • Ha, kindly overlook my “where’s Vishaka” question. I realized my error there. Thinking in two zodiacs can be difficult. :/

      • Yes, I’m about to resume studying Western Astro again and going back and forht in your head from one to the other adds another layer of challenge, for sure. So yeah, I was told by Komilla Sutton, and I’ve read from several Western sources as well like Robert Hand, that the actual rulership domains, critical degrees etc,. correspond nearly exactly to the Nakshatra positions. I also keep reading here and there that many torpical astrologers in modern times can’t seem to agree on the effects or validity of observing some aspects of planetary rulership. I always wonder what they would think if they hit the “sidereal” tab in their astro programs!
        I’ve gotten one opinion from a practioner of Hellenistic Astro that says Ptolemy in no way endorsed or even conceived of anything like using the equinoxes as points for sign markers, but that he did expressly carry forward another astronomers realization of precession. My friend said that the “confusion” there is down to his inclusion in Tetrabiblos of 12 equal length zodiac signs, that it was the Italian astronomers later that set the spring equinox as the first degree of Aries while they credited fully the idea of the 30 degree signs. Other Western sidereal astrologers attribute this move to political compliance with the same Astronomers who held that the sun circled the earth, and that the astronomical model that correctly accounts for precession and axial tilt was ignored in favor of a solar system model that had the sun orbiting the earth. I’m no astronomer and I’m never going to read Tetrabiblos, but it’s worth mentioning that none of the traditions that Hellenistic Astro inherited from directly observed tropical positions; all the castings made were universally sidereal. Except for the Chinese system of course, but even that calendar is lunar rather than seasonal.

        Cheers and thanks!

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