9 comments on “Astrolome: What It Is and What It Does

  1. You could say the same for the free reports on astro.com.

    I think these are good tools for the general public and a nice easy introduction to astrology.

    But anyone who goes into a even a little deeply will find out you need more than this. And my only beef with this is the popularization of transits over progressions.

    • Hi Neeti, I didn’t know astro.com had free reports, I thought you had to pay for all of theirs.

      I’m interested in hearing more about your beef. 🙂

      • If I was doing predictions I would look at secondary progression and solar arcs before I looked at transits. But so much of the Internet astrology is focused on transits. It’s brain-washed all the young people who’re learning it from the net.

      • My guess would be that happens because transits are easier to see and understand. They aren’t as abstract of concepts as solar arcs and progressions and transists can be easily tracked for several people at once. You know ease=accuracy.

      • I’m just being vicious (cause my partner’s snoring and i can’t sleep grrr). However, if your ( obviously not you Neeti or Ryoin ) learning astrology on the net, how about reading sites dedicated to the art. Like blogs, google books. And even check out books from a library.

        Which is what I do. Some good authors that i’ve read and understood are Celeste Teal, Bernadette Brady, Noel Tyl, Christine Shaw and Carol Rushman. In fact Shaw, Rushman, Teal and Brady were constantly on loan to me from the library until i saved up enough to buy them.

        If you want to learn something i find it worth putting the effort in by not taking the easy way out.

        I’m pretty sure one of the above female authors (can remember who now) put thru that just cause your having a Venus transit it doesn’t have to be all apples. It all depends on what Venus is hitting. Say it squaring your Mars opp Pluto. That might not be a fun time for you especially if your overly religious/ have hang-ups.

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for taking the time to write about AstroloMe! It’s exciting to see both professional astrologers and horoscope lovers getting excited about our astrology app. I’d like to take a sec to talk about some of the things you brought up in your post.

    We set out to make the complicated topic of personalized astrology accessible for everyone in a way that is both fun, social, and accurate. We hope that by presenting the transits along with feedback from professional astrologers, our users will enjoy a more accurate astrological reading that can help them in their daily life.

    We hope that people won’t use our app to fake being a professional astrologer! We have great respect for professional astrologers and are happy to see that our app can serve as a gateway for people to interact with experienced astrologers.

    Thanks for your feedback!

    Team AstroloMe

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