3 comments on “My 2011 Solar Return

  1. One of more exciting features in your SC from my perspective is Neptune Chiron conjunction opposing Mercury in the second. Besides the fact that the financial transactions need your firm grip (great trine looks great), along with Uranus in 9th, I think it can really advance your astrological thought into yet uncharted territory. I’ll keep following you. Happy belated!

  2. So, to update this so far. It turns out I was right about my finances improving this year, but I was wrong about remaining at my current position at my job. I got a promotion and a raise which netted me $300+ a month (not a whole lot, but useful for me.

    My new position has helped me with getting more time with my family, I don’t work 16 hour shifts on the weekends anymore, and that’s helped tremendously.

    About my domestic life, it did become more complicated. We took in a friend while she was getting ready to move to a different state. Her stay has been prolonged much longer than we originally expected. She also has two dogs who have introduced fleas into the house and to the cats. Bad times.

    About that brash and energetic female friend, it actually seems like we’ve reconnected. I guess I should have interpreted that Venus/Sun applying conjunction more favorably, but she looked so weak!

    Oh, and about school, yeah, it didn’t happen. I procrastinated and it fell through. Honestly I’m not sure if I’ll ever go back, or what good it’ll do me now.

    So, that’s my update so far. 🙂

    Oh, also about the debt, we’re actually debt free now. At least, as far as cards and companies go. Still no progress on the family…

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