4 comments on “Astrologers and Doctors

  1. You know, if there is a media story about health, the news will seek an appropriate physician. On Astrology questions such as the “new sign” it seems the experts are found in the back of Craigslist and also offering palm reading discounts. At least in the United States, Astrology is a fringe subject and often ridiculed. I think until we can differentiate and possibly regulate Astrologers there will always be this problem. You could have taken this post further (and alienated some) and ask how would we react when seeing a surgeon and they tell you that they don’t follow traditional or schooled techniques and they have their own ideas cause their brother’s best friend’s aunt has “that” so this is what it means. I have T Saturn now in the 9th, does it show?

  2. The original article was almost two pages longer than this version of it. I did go into regulations and schools and accredidation and things like that, but I had to take it out because I felt like the main point of the article was lost. I had to stop and ask “What am I writing about again?”, so I thought all the extra stuff had to go. But, that’s definitely enough material for another entry, and it mostly likely will come out in the near future.

    I figured I would alienate some when I mentioned that there wasn’t any such creature as an intuitive astrologer, mainly because I know people who call themselves that.

    Also, plethora is an awesome word.

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