One comment on “Horary, Calling in an Expert: Frank Piechoski

  1. This is actually one of the more interesting charts because of the Moon’s situation. I find it very hard to even begin to give an opinion, because no matter what way I go I have a “chicken and the egg” moment where I can’t decide if the Moon is void or not.

    I think the best compromise would be to consider her technically void. For example, in one chart I had the Moon spaced 15°+ from her next applying aspect. She’s void here, because she’s not applying an aspect to any planet, but there is a planet towards the end of the sign that she’ll aspect before she goes into the next sign. This showed that the issue would go away, but then re-emerge later on. Sort of like someone being later for dinner, just keep their plate in the microwave, they’ll be there.

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