22 comments on “Up Coming Event: Job Interview

  1. Just got back from the interview. It was very nice, lots of laughs, she had a nice sense of humor, very sanguine. To my surprise she looked almost exactly like I had pictured and described her. Her face was more round and her hair was shorter and darker than I had expected, but it was cut short, and she even had light purple glasses with rhinestones on them. 🙂 She said it would be a couple of weeks until I heard back on their decision, so we’ll see.

  2. hi! I found this post really helpful as I am going to interviews this week as well!

    May I ask why you get mars and she gets venus? also, what is “triplicity” and “antiscia” in an astrological context?

    • Awesome! Good luck in yours!

      She got Venus because she was the one actually intiating the event, and Venus rules the sign on the Ascendant. I got Mars for the opposite reasons, because I was the person being interviewed or the one receiving the event.

      Triplicity is a form of essential dignity and usually relates to how well a planet is able to perform. An antiscia is a planet’s position reflected over the Solstice Points of Cancer and Capricorn. So a planet and its antiscion are equidistant from the 0° point of Capricorn or Cancer (whichever is closer). Wintersprite did an article on antiscions that you can read here if you’d like to take a look at that more closely.


    • Thank you Neeti!

      Still haven’t heard back though.

      One thing I noticed I left out is that in charts about employment and interviews, the 12th house can be very important in the judgment. Generally, the 12th house shows our secret enemies and within the context of interviews and job applications, our secret enemies are the other applicants. We don’t know who they are, but we’re aware that they exist. Comparing the significators can show an important part of the judgment, and really the last thing you want is the Lord of the First combust by the Lord of the 12th! Then the querent is pretty much doomed to failure.

      In this chart, Jupiter is in triplicity, though I wouldn’t expect someone signified by Jupiter in Aries to do very well in an HR setting (impetuous, carelessness, other not so detail oriented Aries words). So, immediately we have someone who is more essentially dignified than I am, but less accidentally dignified. This does not look good for my chances. More importantly, Venus applies a sextile to Jupiter, and Saturn and Jupiter are mutually applying an opposition. The application between Venus and Jupiter certainly appears beneficial, even if there is no reception involved and Jupiter is in a house of loss, so the sextile probably won’t end up being able to perform. The Opposition between the job and the other applicants without reception paints a picture of maybe no one getting the job from this round of interviews, though I find that unlikely.

  3. So, to update this. No, I did not get the job. A little conflicted on how I feel about that, to be honest. 🙂

  4. Aw! Sorry to hear that Ryoin!

    I’m waiting to hear back from a different interview…
    it seems like the chart could go either way, so I’m somewhat nerve-wracked!

    thank you anyway, for all your help!

      • Awww that’s so sweet Ryoin! It was my birthday yesterday so I’ll consider this an amazing gift. 🙂

        Here’s the link- I don’t know if there’s a better way to post? Let me know if it doesn’t work.


        I already had the interview- true to the Ascendant in Gemini, it was two women that were very similar interviewing me! The interview was for 11:00 am, but I walked in early (thus putting it around 10-55-10:57).

        I felt the interview went pleasant. I had a knowledge of their product from another job, (the job is basically custom/creative wholesale) and I felt I could fulfill the duties they were asking, coordinating between clients and the printer they use.

        So…I was trying to follow your guidelines – It looks like Mercury and Jupiter are still conjoined (which I felt was good for the ASC/DSC relationship) and Mercury was trine the Descendant. Jupiter and Saturn were really close to that Monday Opposition, which is a strong aspect, but I don’t know if it’s good or bad for the job either.

        However, I see that Taurus is on the cusp of the 12th, and Venus is on the MC and sextile mercury, so other candidates might be qualified for the job as well. I’m not sure how to read that.

        I’m not sure how to interpret triplicities or dignities? yet, but I have a good idea of exalted/detriment.

        But! They said the last interview was today (Tuesday), and I’m following up with them tomorrow, regardless of whether I have a shot or not.

        I am excited to be able to read event charts better, though!

      • this one is a bit difficult because Jupiter is both you and the job. So we have to separate the two. Making you the Moon and Jupiter the job is generally how it’s done in Horary, so I’d follow that rule here as well here

      • ah…
        so if i use the moon- there are no aspects to saturn or the mc, which probably means the job will go to the venus/mc/taurus conjunction?

    • It’s actually the other way around. The Moon is in Jupiter’s sign, so Jupiter receives the Moon. Though with no aspect it’s sort of wasted. The Moon’s next aspect is a Square to Mars, what do you think that could mean?

  5. well the first thought is an emotional or passive/agressive conflict, but I didn’t feel that during the interview, though now that I’ve followed up with them I haven’t gotten a response yet – so no action is being taken, which could be passive agressive now.

    but i see that jupiter and mars are in mutual reception so I can see the square being a challenge to their desires or will? or perhaps they read me as emotional and needy, regardless if I felt I was

    • Heard anything back yet? The Moon/Mars Square would be something interesting to look into deeper. Mars rules the 11th and 6th houses, so how was the pay they offered? Mars isn’t in dignity in Pisces during the day, so was it not enough or as much as you had hoped? Or perhaps the work wouldn’t have led to any real advancement within the company. Venus conjunct the MC pretty much closes the deal for your secret enemies, though I find the conjunction with Neptune to be a bit…dubious really. I wouldn’t think someone with such a signficator would make an honest employee, but I guess that’s why I’m not the one doing the hiring. 😀

  6. haha, no i haven’t heard anything back yet, and I think they could at least make it clear they hired someone else

    I did not discuss how much they were paying, but it was an entry-level position. Perhaps if I had gotten that far it wouldn’t be worth it in the long run. I do think you might be right about no real advancement, however- it was a very small company and it seemed as though two people really held the strings.

    hum, since it is a creative position, i guess i could see venus/neptune being both unreliable but also fitting their idea of the right candidate. However my mother is begging me to call them instead of an email follow up, though i agree that it looks better for other candidates.

    perhaps I’ll have more luck with mars moving into aries!

  7. Oh my this was posted so long ago, however, it was still quite helpful! Ryoin I am so grateful! Especially since I have an interview scheduled for this Monday ( Sept 30, 2013 @ 7:30 a.m. ) in Cincinnati Ohio. Its for an Instructional Assistant position at a Public Charter School specializing in children with learning disabilities. I did run the chart, however I would love to have someone with your expertise to help me interpret it. ( I’m currently in a 3 year program working towards becoming a board certified astrologist, and actually attending The University of Cincinnati for my undergrad in education. ( Yes AT THE SAME TIME:-) However Electional Astrology course will not take place till next year:-(

    I have included the link here: http://astro.cafeastrology.com/cgi-bin/astro/natal?member=&recalc=&name=Event&sex=t&d1day=30&d1month=9&d1year=2013&d1hour=7&d1min=30&adjust=6&citylist=Cincinnati%2C+OH+%2839%29%2C+United+States&lang=en

    Your help would be highly appreciated and anticipated!!

    • Hello, thanks for your comment!

      You’re basically going to run this chart in the same style I did the one in the post. You’re going to want to scrutinize the relationship between the First and the Seventh lords and then to see how the Eleventh and Tenth are doing and look into the relationship between those two significators and the Seventh. The Moon’s position and application is going to be important, of course. 😀

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