8 comments on “On The Likelihood of Children: An Astrologer’s Tale

      • Well, I have Cancer on the cusp of the fifth house. But with Saturn in it! My moon is in Scorpio in the ninth. Fortunately not VOC. Makes an oppostion to Mars before it leaves Scorpio.

        Both Saturn and Moon are sextile, but both also form a bunch of hard aspects.

        I don’t have children. I think I would like to, but I don’t know if it will ever happen.

  1. This was interesting information. Because I already have a child, I took your insight and applied it to solar return chart for the year my child was born.

    My solar ascendant was in scorpio with venus tightly conjunct. Venus was in the 12th house of hospitals and yes my pregnancy though not extremely difficult had some touch and go moments which included a brief hospitalization.
    5th house cusp was in Pisces!
    Jupiter was in Leo–(-natural ruler of the 5th house) in my natal 4th and the moon was visiting my natal 5th.

    I find myself now wanting another child. My solar return for the upcoming year shows Venus, in Capricorn within orb of Ascendant (not quite as tight a conjunction as the first time), jupiter in 4th and 5th house cusp in Taurus. Cancer is at the cusp of my 7th house.

    I wonder if a 2nd child is in the stars for me?????? HMMMMM.


  2. I have Aquarius on my 5th house cusp. Empty 5th house. Moon conj. pluto & rising from the 12th in Libra, Taurus Sun, Venus & Jupiter, Mars in Cancer conjunct Saturn in 10th. Children? Maybe one?

    • Since Saturn is your Fifth house lord, you’re going to have to scrutinize him more closely to get a good answer, especially since the Fifth is empty.

      Aquarius is relatively barren and Saturn is definitely barren, but Saturn’s placement in Cancer is pretty double-edged. He’s in a fertile sign, but he’s not very well off there. That could have some meaning as to the health and behavior of any children this position may indicate.

  3. Hi Ryhan,

    I got married in April 2008. From past 3 years I am trying for a baby. But not concieved till date. Please let me know when i will have a baby.

    My Birth Details are –
    DOB ~ 11 May 1978
    Time ~ 2.25AM
    Place ~ Ranchi, Jharkhand,India

    My Husband’s Birth Details are –
    DOB ~ 05 Oct 1975
    Time ~ 0.05AM
    Place ~ Sambalpur, Orissa,India

    My solar chart ascendant is Pieces. I have Mars in Cancer (5th House). 5th Lord Moon is with jupiter in Jemini( 4th House).

    Thanks in advance!!


    • Hi Lilly,

      Thank you so much for visiting and reading the blog! If you’re interested in a consultation, please visit the About Astrological Services page for more details!

      Hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season!

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