7 comments on “The First Meeting Chart

  1. I usually cast my charts, when dealing with sending initial business correspondence via email, for the moment when I click Send. I have no idea when the other person is going to receive it or when they’re going to actually read it assuming a secretary has received the email, printed it and placed it in a Read Later file. So, for me, the moment when I click Send is the moment for when I cast the chart.

    And, in looking at how transits to the angles usually coincide with an uptick in activity, it seems to work.

  2. The way that you have used to figure first meeting charts is the same as Ryoin does. Semantics as it may be, I would call it an event chart, and at the moment the second party extends their hand in acknowledgment, whether in person, email, or telephone, that is the meeting moment. If anyone can find work that defines the difference or sameness in Astrology history to site. I do know that Jacobson (I believe via Lilly) or Raphael (the 2nd) says a horary that has been sent by mail or some delay, the Astrologer takes the time that they have read the question and then set the chart with that time and date of the post arrival, but to use the location of the querent (asker)… wonder if that could apply some?
    Lets take another step in this. We will use Peter Frampton. I saw Peter Frampton on Don Kirshner’s Rock Show (late 70s) is that the meeting? Then I bought his albums, is that the moment? And there were a few MTV videos, magazines, and the Sgt Pepper Movie he did with the Bee Gees… that it? I am starting to feel I know him. Then the concerts… at least a half dozen of those, some close enough to the stage to be nodded at or smiled to by him… is that the moment? Fast Forward, he is now a Friend on facebook, along with a half a million others… Have we met now? If I leave him a note? If he posts a general salutations? I don’t think that Frampton and I have met the criteria of a first meeting, maybe I am wrong and it happened along the way.

  3. I generally use the moment that I first shake hands with someone. Mostly because I’ve forced myself into making a habit of it, and there’s really no way to argue against it, so it seems like the safest stance to take. 🙂

  4. @ryoin… not giving consideration for evolving learning… I based your stance incorrect because of a first meeting of sorts years ago at an airport. I am apt to agree with the handshake for the most part. Yet as you pointed out it is something you are forcing yourself to do. And then the electronic age takes out handshaking. Look at my next comment and see if we can figure this one out.

    • Only forcing myself to do it so I have a real physical thing to cement it, but I’m not sure why that needs to be pointed out, does it prove something?

      Yeah, the electronic age has definitely made things more ambiguous and it’s probably the reason why there aren’t as many first meeting charts floating around. They’re not that popular because they can be difficult to ascertain where so many people have online friends and 1 in 5 romantic relationships start online. The only reason I used my time was because it was something I could actually track unless I e-mailed someone and requested a read receipt and they approved it.

      It’s all just a big complicated mess when you go online, isn’t it? 🙂

  5. A few years ago, I met the most wonderful double Aquarian. We became fast friends and allies. After talking a bit one day, I realize that he was my neighbor from my childhood home. His sister was my best friend. One day, her mother comes home with a baby…. and I was so enchanted with him (cancer moon kicked in). Is our first meeting the day after his birth, or 40 years later?

    • The one from when you were children is probably the correct one. The only somewhat comparable situation I can think of is if someone is pronounced dead and are later revived. Do we give them a new chart? No, the near-death experience should be in the original nativity.

      I know, not a very good analogy, but it’s the best I got.

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