2 comments on “Wiggle room in the Transit

  1. I have Pluto in Virgo at 9 degrees in the 12th house. An astrologer once told me I had to be very careful since I had a likelier than average chance of ending up raped and left in a ditch. Is this true?

  2. Not being privy to the reading, I am hesitant to say why this was said or if it indeed was correct to say in the first place. When dealing with Pluto, we have a whole generation that we look at. Figure one in every 12 people you know in your age group will also have this placement, so it would be far out there to try to pin an event to Pluto and it’s placement without other indicators. If you are watching transits, I would be diligent aware of my surroundings any time a hard aspect perfects. Off the top of my head, and it may sound condescending…. but shouldn’t being left in a gutter a 4th house thing? Astrology is not always cut and dry when Astrologers come from all sorts of disciplines and perform readings without the comfort of the consumer of a regulated industry. I mentioned the degree as it fit with the conversation I was having…. and I pay attention to Uranus, as it is the chart’s co ruler by modern techniques. Other than the warning, have you in your life seen “homicidal tendencies” coming from the 12th house and what it represents?

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