4 comments on “Oh, my lucky stars! Transit payday

  1. UPDATE: I inherited 2 more office chairs free to who ever drags them off, and then my mother gave me 2 bar stools that were living in her garage and then gave me (not that I was really thrilled with them) a set of dining room chairs and a trunk full of upholstery that belonged to my father back when I was maybe 5 years old. I saw some lawn chairs in the garage and asked if she isn’t using them, could I grab them….. What in the world rules chairs? I was sure this was Venus progressed doings with Jupiter…… but chairs?

  2. UPDATE:

    My son dragged home 2 more nice dining room chairs. It was so worth it just in sending Ryoin the cell phone pics.

  3. UPDATE: One more dining room chair… but ahhhhh Jupiter is now RX and pulling away from my progressed Venus…. and part of this chair was broken

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