One comment on “When Horary Makes The Astologer Look Bad

  1. Don’t give up on relationship horaries just yet!
    It seems daily I get the question of, “When will I hear from him..when will we get back together?” The problem with this question, is often, the one asking has not heard from their dearly beloved in weeks if not months (and in some cases YEARS) and rarely do they let you in on this tidbit. More often than not, the chart shows no relationship between the two, and many times will show the one sought after as having moved on. It’s a very thin line we have to walk when phrasing things in a way that the client will accept. The thing is, a lot of clients have either been to other readers and gotten led to believe he would call or come back and are just looking to another form of reading to see if that agrees. So, yes, many will ask this same question over and over about the same person.

    As for the pregnancy horaries, don’t you think that a miscarriage may show in the chart? Wouldn’t taking the 5th ruler and it’s condition/aspects etc show trouble? If it did show trouble, that is another can of worms that gets opened, especially since most horary practitioners do not hold a medical license. How would one approach this? Would one tell the client that they indeed *are* with child at that moment, but, that you see trouble ahead or that you see it not going to term? Or, do you advise them to see their Dr asap? Either way, you are going to put fear into the client.
    I totally get where you are coming from though, when you talk about a client asking on Tuesday if they are with child and in fact they are, but soon after, they aren’t for whatever reason. Your answer at the moment of the question is right, but, if the woman gets her cycle a few days after the question, they will automatically think you were wrong and think horary doesn’t work.


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