7 comments on “Astrology: So, When Were You Born Handsome?

  1. A very interesting post. A question of ethics. Do you have some ninth house stuff going on? 🙂

    I ask people for their birth data and I tell them that I will be looking at their chart. I don’t share that data unless I have their permission. I don’t promise everyone who gives me their data that I’ll discuss their chart with them.

    “Why should I be able to do this and other non astrologers not have it available?” This reminds me of something that Richard Bach wrote about flying. It is so exhilarating for him that he starts wondering why it is not available to everyone. He finally figures out that not everyone chooses it.

    “Do Psychiatrist shut off their learning when meeting a new person? Or are they analyzing as they socialize? These are tools we have, shouldn’t we use them?” Personally, I use astrology all the time. It is me. I am it.

    On another note, here are two essays (not connected to this post) that you might like:

  2. Wow, great overall point. I am recently in the middle of attempting a synastry reading, the kind which fits the criteria of your example. I don’t know this person; I don’t know if this person even received the permission of the other person to go ahead and post the chart.

    And, like I said, I’m attempting to read their chart, and kept coming across this block, like I almost didn’t want to do it. I started with a small note left by the side of their chart, and then something inside of me went, “oo! wait a minute,” and I decided to no longer continue. For another people and issues, I’ve spout off for long drifts. Something about this one didn’t feel right.

    You are beautifully spot-on. This entire post reminds me to be emotionally responsible to my self and others when I am discussing/using astrology, and when I begin to approach things “as an astrologer (astrologist?),” rather than socializing.


  3. Astrology is a perversion. It goes against nature and spontaneity. Being ruled by Aquarius, sign of knowledge, where Saturn rules, it is no surprise that you only learn through mistakes, through experience.

    In the end, it doesn´t matter how many charts you analyse, how many horaries you do. The question is more about the purpose of Astrology rather than the ethics. You can analyse long dead persons charts, because they don´t care, they have become more or less myth or rather fact. It´s a biographical reading.

    What I am more or less against, is judging a chart and a life before that life is finished. Though I myself do that. The challenge is to be able to “predict” things.

    It occurred to me that even though I am 26, and consider myself an adult, only one year ago I had not realised the career potential in my chart. One might have looked at that chart and said, well this person studied a bit, and then drifted and didn´t make anything of himself: therefore this chart is proof of a lazy disposition, vacillation and general failure in life. It´s not been a year and I´ve turned things around in life, or should I say the stars have provided new circumstances.

    What you talk about in this article Theresa considering the Bambi-eyed newly born attempts at chart dissection by 16 year old girls/boys is nothing to be worried about. They are entitled to do as they please with people who are careless enough to give them their birth details and any circumstantial biographical information. It´s part of the learning process, and in my opinion is fine.

    You have got my chart somewhere T. But in order for you to go on some forum and start making questions and discernments about it, you would have to REALLY know me. Superficial questions will only ever get you superficial answers. I think that´s the limitation to knowing your own chart also. No amount of astrology will tell you “what you´re like”. And that´s getting into the limitations and also purposes of astrology.

    You can both plant ideas which can grow and flourish in an unformed mind. But equally, some ideas which are planted can be rebelled against.

    BTW, thanks for your comment. I´ve re-read it, it´s interesting theory, but I have not really looked at parallels for some time. I confess that I don´t really have the lowdown on them, which is why they still interest me. I imagine that re-reading about the Solstices again might connect things together a bit more.

  4. Morose… that is the word that comes to mind Buddy.

    Doe eye Bambie attempts are cute enough, but you still don’t put out the other’s birthdata on the internet. A chart is fine, as far as I am lecturing 🙂 Just don’t put out the name or the date written anywhere. Because as you and I know, Bambie didn’t ask the Buck for his permission…OMG he might know I like him!! It is just a respect factor…… though my daughter worried me the other day. She knows her boyfriend is cheating on her, her friends have told her, she has seen hints on myspace and such…. then the other day asks me to do a horary to see if he has cheated on her. One look and I go, yup….stomp stomp stomp into the other room and I hear her accuse him. I ask her later, isn’t it a bit scary that you would believe the horary over concrete facts, and she said, with Astrology, she knew it was the truth. I could so extort that child 😛

    Yeah, the paralles are near impossible for me to grab the meaning. I am okay with antiscions, but paralles are about as clear to me as my yods.

  5. I really enjoyed this post and SO identified with your inner voice and it’s disclaimer!

    ” Warning, if you give me the information you are giving me the keys to your very being…. NOTHING is hidden anymore.”

    I have felt like that recently with a Scorpio aquiantance who gives very little away but willingly gave me his birth details.

    Once astrology and its symbolism have become part of you I don’t think you can NOT use it, it would be like turning off one of your senses.

  6. With reference to what Buddymaterna Says in the fifth paragraph that is you really need to know me, i would like to say please read Planets in Synastry by E.C. Neville basicially that you become your solar chart, which is where the sun and the and swap their positions and the planets are calulate by Asc-Sun +planet= new planet’s position. Which is why in close relationships once the honeymoon period is over your left with a total strange with whom you either like or not love. As you can have love without liking and liking wiht love but to have the two together is what long lasting close realtionships are about. So i wouldn’t worry about people in possestion of birth info’s as there is a lot more to a natal chart than the natal chart.

    February 3, 2010 at 1:24 pm

  7. The queston you seem to ask is, if I have power, what responsibility do I have to others? Or, if I have an advantage, am I tarnishing a sacred process? Well…are you? Your post did not answer these questions. You did not set limits for any astrologer, set boundaries for what is acceptable and not in our so-called sacred relationship experiences…so I wonder what your deep thoughts are on the topic? How about a follow-up post?

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