13 comments on “Take my Yod…. Please!

  1. I do have a you (a real one, no wide orbs or ….) in my chart. Between uranus/Venus and apex Saturn. I wish someone WOULD come and take it PLEASE, so I can experience for once an ordinary normal relationship. LOL!

  2. I speak as someone who has an aspect approaching a YOD. My mercury uranus conjunction ( late scorpio ) sextile saturn (late virgo ) , with an orb of 3 degrees approaches an inconjunct aspect to my moon in airies with 144 degrees to one side and 155 degrees to the other ( approx) .

    Orbs must be considered to be reflective of a degree to which the planetary energies may be felt by the individual – and it is my personal estimation that wider orbs enable the individual a greater sense of awareness of the planetary configuration – they convey a certain objective ‘awareness’ to the energy conferred which might not otherwise be felt by the tighter orbs. As you have said, you have a YOD and although you use very tight orbs, it is also the case that you have not as yet come to assimilate / OBJECTIVELY understand the true meaning and destiny calling of the YOD.

    I am not advocating the widely expanding use of orbs – not at all – to the contrary i think that discretion and consideration to a vital number of other factors MUST be called for when making a horoscope evaluation.

    On a deeper note, all astrological configurations convey special energies – some of them more potently expressed than others – and no doubt, ALL of them experienced differently. No single astrologer should be deemed qualified to exclude the use of wider ORBS to the exclusion of a specific value – the relative value of any orb will depend crucially upon the interaction of other aspects, particularly the presence of lumnaries.

    • You said: “I speak as someone who has an aspect approaching a YOD.”

      Enough said. Haven’t I had to deal with you before? Hmmm?

      • the death of Paul Walker and info that his chart : a 11 Scorpio rising , he has a * Yod * ,tight orbs ,too . Apex Saturn in 8th conjunct both south node and Vertex. Transiting Pluto still conjuncting his north node in the 2nd house which as to do with possessions ,ie. cars. I just ran a chart of the tallest man in hisotry with a yod to Ascendant and wider to planets , boomerang effect on his descendant . I have a Yod apex in 8th , long story , doing all i can to research it , thanks Wintersprite for this ! Take a look at Jung’s Yod . Am compiling a list.

  3. In considering the use of angles in reading configuration patterns, contrary to the opinion of the author of ‘ please take my YOD,’ I would like to present anecdotal evidence that illustrates how angles and not just planets can be highly significant in forming the missing link of astrological configurations, such as the Kite.

    Please note that in Stephen Kings astrological chart, it is the Mid haven ( career) that forms a crucial point of the Kite with mutual trines between mercury ( communications) and pluto ( underworld). His career (midhaven) involving communications was prolific and is exemplary of the innate potential for the bi-sextile configuration to release the latent potential of the grand trine energy. Even though it is not a ‘celestial body’ per se, it has worked together within context of the other planets.

    ‘Stephen King also has a Kite formation with a Grand Trine in Fire Signs. Saturn and Pluto (fear and the underworld) make a conjunction in Leo (drama). Both are trine his Moon (emotions) which is in Sagittarius (a sign that inclines to storytelling) in his 5th house (creativity and self-expression). The Moon in any aspect to the Mid-Heaven means that either you or what you do can come before the public. All of these planets make trines with his Aries Mid-Heaven. Do we begin to see a trend here? The Kite is completed by a conjunction of Mercury (communications) and Neptune (dreams and imagination) in Libra. Notice that everything focuses on the Mid-Heaven, the career. When you have a chart like this, you have to consciously mess things up in order to avoid success.’

    Excerpt from http://www.bobmarksastrologer.com/GrandTrine15.2.htm

    Thus, the inclusion of angles in astrological configuration is also a matter of debate.

    The above relating to the birth chart of stephen king clearly illuminates the way in which the mid haven, an angle and not a planet, has worked with other planets to form a vital part of the grand kite – a structure of
    great energy and potential.

    Such an example with undeniable achievement relating to the communication (mercury) of the underworld (pluto), should surely be made exemplary in order to challenge the notion that only planets are significant to astrological interpretation.

    • Anecdotal indeed! There are other configurations in Mr. King’s chart that would speak of his success with out having to make one up. Honestly, how hard is it to understand a point derived from a math formula can not reflect light to other objects. Additionally, I do find it incredibly rude for you to post another website on my dime…. I do like the work of Bob Mark, yet I prefer when looking for emperical data, not to use someone that follows such modern techniques.

      • I agree with you W. Seems that , generally speaking, online astro conversations are often a big pain in the but ,many show offs , ego issues , attention getters . Alpha dominating types too . I believe astrology is sorta ruled by uranus , a most unconventional force. You have had run in with peacefulwishes before ! I am new to this link , just doing research and decided to pat you on the back for letting the person know how rude one can be . Its called derailing a thread dr peacefulwishes ( not so sure you deserve that name ) . Anyhow ,my Yod apex is M A R s ,it seems i am not a warrior ,tho . Never registered for draft etc . Yet ,i do go to war on craziness and gmo’s,chemtrails , disinfo . Peace ~

  4. Come over to the bright side – in classical astrology we have no yods!

    I think the reason yods are so hard to get a handle on is because they involve a disjunct planet and two planets apply to the disjunct planet from houses of aversion. Say there’s a Mercury-Moon sextile, and the focal point of the yod is Jupiter. Moon and Mercury have no problem communicating with each other – they can ‘see’ each other because they’re in a Ptolemaic aspect.

    Jupiter, on the other hand, is going to be out in left field, not knowing what either the Moon or Mercury is up to, because there’s no Ptolemaic aspect between it and either of the other two planets – it can’t ‘see’ what’s going on with them – it’s completely out of the communications loop, so to speak. I think this would be an excruciatingly difficult aspect to handle if the Moon or Merc were in Pisces or Sag – not so much because of the debility issue with Mercury in those two signs, but simply because Jupiter would not be able to see the house that it rules – so the affairs of that house would be seriously impeded, if not pretty much shut down entirely.

    Again, I don’t use yods, but if I did, that’s how I’d approach them.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  5. I have a Yod. Sun – 10th house Scorpio, Moon – 8th house Virgo and Mars – 3rd house Aries. Sun & Moon sextile while my Mars is the apex with Uranus – 9th house Libra at the fulcrum. I have no idea what the hell is going on with my Yod. And I have managed to scare myself to death that something horrible is destined to happen to me.

    • activation point uranus ? then its been termed a Boomerang type of Yod . You will see with Paul Walkers chart ,activation point being south node . I too have a Boomerang . Very powerful ,especially if you get a handle on things . Long story and i see the last comment was made 3 years ago . Again am just doing research , do not want info to fall on dead ears.

      • No dead ears here. Been patiently waiting 3 years. Actually longer to understand my yod. I am not an astrologer and only read my own natal chart in an attempt to help guide my life. I know it’s a blueprint and nothing is written in stone, I am the master of my destiny… but it sure would help if I could read the map better. You know what I’m sayin’?

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