6 comments on “Attractions, Crushes, Obsessions, John Elway, and Astrology

  1. Hi. Loved reading this article. As a kid, I loved George Michael. In my early teens, I crushed on L.L. Cool J., the rapper. He still looks good and has made some nice professional moves in life.

    As I hit my very early-twenties, my heart and admiration belonged to George Carlin. He is my favorite comedian and writer, and he is most certainly missed!

    I wound up marrying an amazing guy at 29 who reminds me a lot of Steve Martin :). So I completely get the attraction there. Something about sarcasm and dry humor that brings so much joy into my life.

  2. P.S. Steve Martin is also an intelligent, funny and sometimes poetic writer. Might want to check out his books if you haven’t already!

  3. Hee hee… I feel giddy as a school girl, John Elway’s picture and the picture of my eyeball on the same page. 🙂 I need to grow up.

  4. Deb,

    Have you done any synastry and or composite charts with the above mentioned? I used to have a poster of Steve Martin in my locker in high school… the one in his white 3 piece suit with a fish tucked in the vest. It was signed “best fishes”.

  5. Soul mates are not indicated by obsession. Soul mates bring us the peace within that obliterates the hunger for what we do not have – which is what is at the root of all human obsession.

    Truth be known, we will never have enough. We will never be complete, with or without the object of our obsession.

    Only God can quench the thirst. Even astrology perpetuates the need to hunger and obsess and long for more. Its all based on an insecurity and a need to know it all basis.

    I am not saying i do not agree with astrology – I have seen its shocking accuity in play – all I am saying is that it can dig us deeper into a hole, very much like the Plutonian concept. The darkness knows no bounds.

    Through God and through faith in him, there is light.

    Have faith. Have peace.

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