5 comments on “Horary Astrology: Do It Yourself Mishap

  1. ? We need some dramatic music…. I made a point of removing myself from anywhere he could contact me online…. did we see that? Well there were squares and oppositions everywhere.

  2. I don´t see why it´s a mishap. Venus is received, Mars loves Venus. Did you see that Moon transfers light from Mars to Venus, despite the fact that the two have separated.

    I think you should look at the stars by the way, I was disappointed that you mentioned it but didn´t follow through.

  3. The mishaps are my skills at interpreting romantic horarys…. I have been so wrong at times. You know Buddy, I adore this guy and know he does me also ( Venus/Mars 🙂 )…. a solid relationship just doesn’t seem to happen.

  4. Update!!!

    It doesn’t matter…. the answer is no. This character pulled such a blunder that even I can’t forgive him. It was most insightful how the rest of life would be together….YIKES

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