12 comments on “Astrology: I Feel Woozy!

  1. True. I’m just gonna tuck my curiosity in about this. Want to write a new post today, will take it out for that. ::sigh:: Taking the high road…not always easy 🙂

  2. Have you read Magi Astrology? I don´t know where they got their facts from but I found it compelling.

    • I have looked into some of their work. Honestly can say I confuse myself with it, but do see where there is a lot of sense. Personally, I would enjoy studying Magi further, and I suspect that it will overlay traditional Astrology well, but won’t replace it nor be as encompassing. I did write the Magi Society recently for more information so I could blog on the findings and give an accurate portrail of the discipline, but never got a response back except a price list for a reading. I would hesitate to throw out such basic principles of Astrology such as the use of Houses, but gladly would look at additional techniques to apply to “traditional” Astrology.

  3. I wonder sometimes if Chiron is the true ruler of Leo… I mean it´s the super-romance planet which is the key to happiness and love.

    • You love to “Poke” Ryoin, don’t you? I think PERSONALLY, chiron as an astroid has worked out just fine.

      Leo….. not the center of the Universe? Ha! Live with one.

      The super romance notion is that of the Magi…. only place I have heard that, and for those people that insist on Astrology fitting Mythology…. that doesn’t work either, as Chiron wasn’t very cuddly.

  4. Hey that would be great since I have a natal chart full of detriments and disasterous aspects. Maybe Saturn is not the BoogeyMan after all!? One can only hope…

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