17 comments on “An Astrologer’s Response to Zeitgeist

  1. I enjoyed reading your analysis and appreciate your insight. You really know your apples from your onions, as my grandma would say. *chuckles*

    Thank you for your posts.

    Fier ~

  2. Hi, after watching zeitgeist, i was extremely interested to know how accurate these claims were, and this article has been very helpful in this, thank you. After reading this I also found another webpage with a christ/astrology parable claim, which says it is from a book written in 1907, and seems to make alot of claims that were not mentioned in zeitgeist. As you are obviously interested in the matter I thought you might want to apply your expertise to this as well. I would be extremely intrigued to know what you make of it, if you have the time.

    • Thanks Alex, I’ll look into after I get done with a couple of other projects.

      I skimmed it for a little bit, just to get an idea of it, and it seemed totally scatter-brained, or maybe it was just me. I’ll look into it more closely later though, maybe it’ll make it make more sense for me. Looking forward to it, though.

  3. First off, where this person got the picture. I have the same program. From the earth, around the equater that seperates the southern and northern hemisphere useing the same program you clearly see the crux near the sun. I have yet to find the position on earth where the sun “stops moving”, but if it does exist I will hopefuly find it. So I geuss this arsehole is a an astrologist because he can make a web site and has a program that is free world wide called stellarium? I must be pretty close to being an astrologist cause I have that program too!!! Now the whole thing with the three kings of oriens belt. The fact that they are called the three kings just makes it obvious that sirus is the star they mention in the bible. During the winter solstice the brightest star in the east is Sirius. It is true however, the three stars are always lined up with Sirius. But, the story came from a particular place on the planet. There for where ever the story very first came from, is where the four stars will line up with the sun rise of december 24th. For me during the autumnal equinox, I see orien rise from the east, and the three stars line up with Sirius. The very next morining, the sun rises exactly where the constallation was. Again where the story origanaly came from, maybe this only happens once a year. Any REAL astrologer should tell you, it all depends on your position on the planet. Like there are certain places on earth where you can se the milky way better then ohers. From some places on earth you can’t see certain constellations. NOW!!! I don’t think the creator of zeitgeist has all the answers. Yeah some of the stuff in that video may have wholes. BUT, we can’t ignore that they have offered us more truth then any relgion, government, education system, or corporation. I’m not saying believe zeitgeist, i’m saying look it up yourself. nevermind douche bags like this guy who as far as I can tell gets his information from free software on the internet. FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF!!! READ BOOKS!!! SEARCH THE INTERNET!! Yes there is a lot of bullshit out there on the net, but the more you seek the truth, the more obvious the lies become. And it will be easy to see that people like the one who created this sight really has no clue what they are talking about.

    • People like you need to keep on fighting for the truth and make sure the manipulators with protection of their agenda are held accountable. Lets stop these bullshit christistian manipulators getting the upper hand by getting the facts. Someone needs to prove the zodiac constellation angle with in your face fact. We need stuff that cann not be argued not sentences in the bible.

  4. Hi. Nice to read your thoughts. Regarding the symbolism of the ages, I think the metaphors make sense when seeing the end of an age leads into the start of the next constellation in the sequence.

    As in the age of Taurus ends with the death of the golden calf and therefore the age of Aries begins. Moses drives this transition between the two ages. The age of aries ends with the death of the lamb (of god) and the age of pisces begins with the fish. This transition explains why Jesus has both symbols of lamb and fish asociated.

    What I also thought of after Zeitgeist was other myths which support this concept. The story of Theseus and the Minator noting the end of the age of Taurus and the story of Jason and the Argonouts quest for the Golden Fleece. The age of Taurus and the age of Aries.

    Anyway its all food for thought.

    • Yes, some of the metaphors make sense, but others don’t. I can understand the golden calf being a metaphor for Taurus, but how is Moses a metaphor for Aries? Is it simply a matter of implication that since Moses took down the bull, he simply MUST be a metaphor for Aries with no individual metaphors or shared symbolism? Sounds like conjecture to me.

      The birth of Jesus being the beginning of the age of Pisces completely evades me for reasons I stated in the article.

      Regardless, though, of if some of the metaphors make sense, the question remains is if the age allegory was actually supposed to be in the story of the bible or if they are something that was added in farther after the fact by people reading it and seeing something that wasn’t there.

  5. Thanks for throwing this together. Your response was well written and you seem to be open minded. While I appreciate Zeitgeist, I think it suffers from leaving out the details that you have mentioned, especially the whole Cross being right above the sun, as depicted in Zeitgeist.

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