9 comments on “Do It Yourself Love Horary: The Basics

  1. Nicely done, thanks. I have a request for you. Can you write a blog about the framing of a question? Often Astrologers seem to go beyond the simplicity of the question and try to read an entire relationship out of the chart. A simple question of will we go out Thursday? A yes or no answer should be enough… and maybe noting an rx Saturn in the mix adding in that the delay may be work related…

    Also, how long a question is good for…. I have seen many an Astrologer or student (self included) obsessively ask the same question over and over and over by changing may be a word in the question and claiming it is a completely different question.

    • Aww. Really!? Then I’ll have to find some more of them for you. 🙂

      Theresa, you’re next blog is out. Livia wants a horary example! 😀

  2. You know….. Livia specifically said “BY YOU”. Besides, my last round of personal “love” horarys have turned out so wrong, I am beginning to think I broke Horary if not all of Astrology! You could use me as an example, but I can tell you now and save you the chart casting, sigh, nothing is happening!

  3. Ok, while u guys decide – I thought of another question. 😉

    You wrote: “see who is signified by the faster planet as they are the one who are the most interested in developing a relationship.”

    Now, won’t the Quesitor ALWAYS then be the fonder of the two in a love horary – if we take the Moon as the co-signifactor? It’s the fastest planet. OR do we just look at the other signifactors for them?

    • Blast from the past. I’m so sorry it took so long for me to respond to this.

      The Moon doesn’t count. She’s a co-sig, certainly, but the “faster planet” rule only applies to the planets that rule the First and Seventh houses. Otherwise you’d be right and the querent would always be the more interested because of the Moon co-sig. There’s also a bit of unfortunate implications in that if you consider that men generally get the Sun as their co-sig and women generally get Venus, implication being that women are always more interested in relationships than men. So, we just stick to the First/Seventh as far as that’s concerned.

  4. lol…. I gave in and did one http://ryoin.wordpress.com/2009/11/27/horary-astrology-do-it-yourself-mishap/ I followed this blog as closely as possible then spun out of control… so badly no one really has chimed in except for a good friend. The faster planet would be the significators and not the Co sigs… unless they are the ones perfecting an aspect. There are so many rules to break in horary!!! It was pointed out by a seasoned Astrologer, in one of my horarys, that I was Mars and “he” was Venus, so I was the aggressor in the situation. I didn’t feel lady like after that observance. I think we really would have to take into account the receptions and planetary placements in addition to which planet is moving quicker. And that is said with the acknowledgment that there is probably some aphorism to contradict it.

  5. PS: One thing that helps me to remember (as I learn) love horaries – is that the reception is the will and the aspect is the way.

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