2 comments on “Astrology: what creates the defining moment?

  1. Where does 29 Cancer fall in your chart Theresa? I think it´s in your 7th house fairly close to the DC right? Any aspects? To Saturn or Venus in early Aqua?

    Do a synastry for the just gone Solar Eclipse at 29 Cancer… perhaps it reveals something? : ) Tell me if you find anything.

  2. Do a chart for the moment of the Solar Eclipse, (New Moon).

    First tell me the aspects made by the Sun Moon conjunction. I already know it´s in your 7th house, and by the sound of your blog maybe it hinges on a 7th house matter…? Yes?

    Second, and this is something I am intrigued by: Tell me about other planetary stations at this moment?

    I am wondering if the entire New Moon chart might be synastried or whether it really is only down to the Sun-Moon conjunction along with planets conjunct or in strong aspect with that Sun-Moon EVENT.

    Thanks Theresa.

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