2 comments on “Ouch, Ouch, Ouch! Venus and Saturn Rx.

  1. Hi there! I really love your blogs! You are a real astrologer because you incorporate your own experiences with your objective analysis. I am an astrology enthusiasts and also tries to look inward through the art and science of astrology. I must say that never have I trusted in astrology more in seeking for answers over the last three years about things that are happening around me and with my own life.

    I am particularly thankful that I’m more mindful of retrogrades than ever before. I believe that it helped me save face and save valuable relationships! During retrogrades, I hide my claws, put my feelers up, and be the most symphatetic and charismatic person I could be. I don’t go against the retrograde energy of the planet. Is that manipulative of me? I guess so. I am taking advantage of Astrology in this case.

    I would love to hear from you privately. I am currently into asteriods – particularly Ceres and BML. I have read a lot about Juno and Chiron. But based on observation on synastries and composites, it’s my Ceres and BML contacts that are quite significant in my relationships. Is it because I have lots of water-ruled planets in my natal chart?

    I would like to share with you one explosive (!) synastry analysis that I have with one individual. One of the aspects are pluto conjunct mars, sun conj uranus, asc conj uranus, jup conj neptune, juno conj uranus, moon conj IC, uranus conj asc, sun opp pluto, saturn opp saturn and venus, mars opp north node, mars opp chiron, juno opp mars, and sun square venus interaspects! There’s a 15-year age gap, all elements of a taboo relationship other than incest. But the attraction is so strong, the encounters are intense and powerful everytime.

    I would like to hear how you are going to label this type of synastry as you have the ability to coin a word for each relationships! 🙂

    Blessings to you from the universe!

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