4 comments on “Head Above the Waters: Capricorn the Goatfish

  1. Very interested in the capricorn painting above. Do you have an artist name/contact for said painting?

  2. Hey Denise, I actually have no idea who the picture came from, I can tell, though, that it’s the same person who has done most of the other pictures that I’ve included with the zodiac articles.

    I just liked the pictures and thought I’d share them with everyone. I wish I did know who did them though. :S

  3. My first thought was that there was a similarity to the zodiac series done by Josephine Wall and her use of a heavy “Maxfield Parrish” type blues… I don’t believe it is her although you might enjoy her website at http://www.josephinewall.co.uk/josephine.html I am thinking of another artist who uses a strong celestial theme and the same blues although he usually incorporates wildlife also…. so I will be off searching around and hopefully will get an answer.

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