6 comments on “Synastry with Astrocartography (Astrology)

  1. Hi, thanks for the article. I used astrocartography to change the second half of my life for the better. I always lived in areas that were in Mars, Pluto and Saturn influenced and wondered why I was so miserable. After learning a tiny bit, I moved to a Jupiter Midhaven line but ignored the other negative points that stated I would never settle down and be comfortable there. I got the Jup/MH help I needed to move to my Venus/Asc line and it’s amazing how much my life improved immediately. I am now a firm believer in astrocartography as well as astrology and will always be grateful to it’s founder and company. When people make fun of me for mentioning it, I simply look around and I know for a fact that I would not be living an easier life than so many people are today in this economy if it were not learning the benefits of a Venus/Asc line and it’s incredible affect on my life. It was literally an immediate improvement when I arrived in 2007 and this is the only place where I have ever felt comfortable and safe. Luckily I did not have to move far and stayed in the U.S.

  2. Eh, don’t worry about what people think. My 21 year old niece was about to move to Austin, Texas. I did an Astrocartography chart and said to her, you will NOT! Neptune on the MC line ran right through the city. It was a job move… Neptune on the MC would be great if she were a bartender, or drug dealer, or minister…. She ended up transferring to Tampa Bay…. right on her Venus IC line. I don’t know if she believed me or thinks I am her crazy aunt, nor does that matter, I am just glad she went to Florida.

  3. Explains why I´m attracted to Canadian girls. ; ) Venus IC line goes through western Canada. Doesn´t guarentee that they like you back though… I´m just wondering what kind of distance you might give. You might have Venus conjunct IC, but a couple of hundred kms west the IC shifts east by only a few degrees leaving that Venus still in 4th house… I spent a lot of time in Czech Republic, Venus was not on the Asc line but was still in 1st house and conjunct Asc in the 1st with only 3 degrees orb, felt a great ease and love for that place. But then of course Mars was pushed into the 12th which was an influence I felt strongly. Yeah, I pretty much love Canadian women, from the French part though. The first one was-is a musician… Venus… Astrocartography works. I think Colorado is Neptune conjunct Descendant for me though…with Venus on 5th cusp?; )

  4. Hi Buddy!

    Western Canada, huh… I have a great Jupiter line running through there… guess that is where we will have to run away to since Colorado gives you that uncomfortable Neptune line…. unless you are delusional. My turn to wink 😉 Distance is usually about 150 miles on each side of the line.

  5. Hi,
    this is so interesting. I really really really must get off of my Pluto line! I have lived on it and tried to own a home on it for far too long. I just cannot take it anymore! I currently live on the East Coast -we have super high unemployment etc… and I must leave. I must. I did live out West and go there as much as possible – lots of Venus and I think Jupiter. I was born out there. I dont’ know wehre to live but I know that if I stay here – I won’t make it. I am looking at free charts on Astrodienst for ideas. Looks like I have nice lines in Austin Texas and Paris. I have no idea exactly what I can do, though, I have managed to do a lot in other places. I can’t tell you what it is like to hear about people moving off of difficult lines to better places – can it really reallyhappen to me!?
    Thanks – Kate

  6. Thanks for this article. I am a Chicagoan with grown children and grandchildren and moved to New Mexico four yrs ago. It is like my life totally stalled…I feel like I’m on house arrest! and BTW, kid’s Father sounds familiar to me!! I am considering moving to the Denver area and am trying to figure it all out. Any suggestions as to good sources to study astrocartography? thanks and blessings!

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