6 comments on “Theresa’s Solar Return

  1. Hey Yuzuru, it’s nice to hear from you again. Theresa’s birth information is on the About page, you should get a 22° Capricorn 34′ ascendant.

  2. Always hard to see a chart with so many planets in one sign: all planets are being disposed by saturn !
    With a very quick look to firdaria, profection and progression, I think that are two possibilities that are possible to this return… health problems, linked to the saturn condition over the chart, and maybe the beginning of a relationship.
    Best regards and luck to the year.

  3. Ryoin started out right…. I came into the Solar Return with a wicked sinus infection. I am hoping that Saturn is saying…. time to take your health seriously. I had a bit of a scare last year but all tests came back I am perfectly healthy except for the hypoglycemia and the sleep apnea ( I am on a C pack unit and that is taken care of now) Not so worried about Saturn, we are close…like family you might say. I am actually fond of the old Malefic, he has been fair. Thank you both for taking the time to look at the return. I am thinking there is a relationship around the corner also… can feel it in the air kind of thing. Plus the progression charts and Solar Arcs are pointing that direction. Ryoin is silly to worry about it being a disappointment, he should look at the positive side of it, I will have more to blog about my disastrous love life!

  4. UPDATE:

    I just got back from the Dr.s and have an acute sinus infection. Bad enough that I couldn’t walk from pressure on the brain and all of my teeth have shifted positions. Passed all of the rest of the tests with flying colors!! So that done, lets see if we can move on to my love life.

  5. UPDATE FOR THE SOLAR RETURN… okay it is a few days early and prince charming still has time to knock on the door.

    Chronic sinus infections through out the year. There has been serious issues with Sciatica and my spine miss aligning, which then cause problems with walking. I felt yucky all year, thanks Saturn.

    Love life? Starts and stops and backfires with the one I figured I would finally start something serious with. Then found my neighbor… he is of another orientation altogether…. lots of nibbles at the myspace pond, but reeled nothing in…. 5 more days til the next return so I will keep my eyes open… 🙂

    As for loosing a sibling, well my older brother did move with his wife to a far away state and it has broken up the core of the family relations, we don’t see each other and now the cousins don’t either.

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