13 comments on “Piercing the Night: Scorpio the Scorpion

  1. my ascendant is 29 degrees scorpio.. what does face,term,masculine, dark mean when applied to that? being a cusp im also always torn about which forecast to read !

  2. About your Ascendant, it’s in Scorpio, so read Scorpio. That’s all there is to that. The Face and Term show what planets have slight dignity there, and the masculine degree is just a thing for determining the sex of children in such horary charts, and the dark distinction just means you’re physically dark. Dark hair, eyes, skin, you know.

    The Lunar Mansions apply only to electional astrology, so don’t sweat it. 🙂

  3. Good description! Like the one about Libra as well. Have both signs strong in my chart.

    I’ve read you are pretty much into traditional astrology, is there a book or two you could recommend (besides Debra Houlding’s “The Houses – Temples of the Sky”)?

    Before I invest myself and my money into this, do you find traditional approach to interpretation relevant for today’s issues? I am afraid I will order some books and won’t be able to make use of their knowledge afterwards …

    I have already bought Liz Greene’s “Saturn: A New Look at an Old Devil” and don’t like it too much.

    Somebody recommended Kevin Burk’s “Astrology: Understanding the Birth Chart”, but I find it way too general.

    These were mistakes of mine, from which I would like to learn now. 🙂

    And a personal question, if I’m not asking too much, which planet would you consider as the ruler of Scorpio? I ask because I have Scorpio rising and would like to clear this issue once and for all. Personally, I would go with Mars (have read some traditional stuff and I don’t like how modern rulerships were attributed), but I might be biased (I would sure prefer a 9th house Mars in Leo ruling my chart – even though it is square AC, hey, you can’t have it all – to 12th house Pluto in Libra …).

  4. As for recommendations, I’ve heard Frawley’s books are good, but I’ve not gotten a hold of them myself.

    Anyway, you’re under the assumption that old = outdated, and it couldn’t be more incorrect. Trust me, astrology is timeless, you’ll be able to get something out of it.

    I’m pretty sure the article made it clear that I support Mars as ruler of Scorpio. 😛 But, anyway, even since Mars rules Scorpio, that doesn’t make him the ruler of your chart. That’s another modern idea wherein First house ruler = chart ruler, which isn’t how that whole system works out. Maybe that should be my next article. 😉 Thanks!

  5. First of all, thank you for replying.

    I’m under no such assumption (old = outdated), it’s just that I built my astrological knowledge based on information on different websites, some books I could get in libraries (mostly pshycologically flavoured) and then I got myself involved into tropical/sidereal debates. Now, as you can imagine, I am completely confused, also due to my recent interest into traditional astrology. Anyhow …

    I didn’t know that the notion of “chart ruler” hadn’t existed in traditional astrology. How do you get to “see” who the “querent” is, then. Based on what you can imagine what he/she is like?

  6. I don’t understand the question…

    The chart ruler does exist in traditional astrology, it’s just not what modern astrologers say it is.

  7. It only applies to natal astrology, but it’s called the Lord of Geniture, the Lord of Birth. It flavors everything.

  8. Oh, it’s not a problem. I’ll write an article on the LoG and almutens and whatnot and compare it to the notion of the modern chart ruler. Thanks for the idea! I’ll either put it between Scorpio and Sagittarius or Sagittarius and Capricorn.

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