5 comments on “Balancing the Dark: Libra the Scales

  1. Nice article, very balanced! : )

    I very much look forward to Scorpio, make sure you include as much of the malefic influence as possible.

  2. so yeah i learned lots bout myself in this very long but interesting article. but yeah it also makes me think bout myself too much. ya know cuz my name is Justin and the definition of that is justice and just and charming and such and such jus like my Libra zodiac and characteristics that come along wit that. but i call myself a valentines baby cuz when i was conceived on valentines it took 9 months for me to arrive under the October sky. idk maybe cupid has a lot to do wit this zodiac.lol.

  3. That was interesting. I fight for social justice in a small way and make my mark 6 hours a week I in the police lockup (work in 3 schools when I’m not there), interiviewing detianees that have been arrested for whatever crimes they have been accused of committing. I ensure they are treated humanely and their rights are being adhered to. This is one aspect of me giving back to my community. I’m not shy nor am I bold (loud), I respect everyone and the decisions the make, and treat everyone like a family member. This is one aspect of a Libran woman. By the way, I loved your article, very long and interesting. A libran with a cause… 🙂

  4. hi, i just read this article and i too learned more about myself.
    i search what is the meaning of my name and I’m shocked, my name’s meaning is “a ruler’s counselor” very much the same with what this article is implying. by the way thanks for this great article.

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