3 comments on “Border Patrol: Working With Cusps

  1. Ha, who would have thought that a Christmas gift would have something about this written in it. Apparently, in the 1930s, the astrologer who went by the name of Cheiro – William John Warner – invented the idea of cusps to help people who weren’t clear on what Sign they fall under. Since the sun moves into the Signs at slightly differing dates each year, it made it difficult to pinpoint what Sign they really were due to the mathematical processes that weren’t readily available and understood by the mainstream public. So, Cheiro came up with the idea of the cusp, which he said ran for seven days at the beginning of each sign.

    “…the cusp lasts for seven days, consequently, the full influence of this sign comes into power about the 28th of December and lasts until 21st of January, when another seven day cusp begins under the influence of the next incoming sign.”

    Quoting Cheiro’s “The Stars and You” on that one, but giving the credit to Kim Farnell’s “Flirting with the Zodiac” for having this useful part of astrological history within its pages.

  2. Thanks! ^.^

    I remember when I was writing this I was so mad at a friend of a friend who wouldn’t listen to me about it. :S Hehe.

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