5 comments on “Horary Question: “How Will Everyone Take It?”

  1. That’s not funny. 😛

    I only used Uranus like a fixed star. It’s not like I used him like a significator or anything. Only a quality of temperment, several stars are like that, Bellatrix and Antares to name just a couple. That’s as far as I go with Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto though, trust me. 😉

  2. Hi
    I always distrust a little horaries that were taken “just after the event”. Are they really horaries or they are electional ? If I go out of my job interview and ask an horary, isn´t that just an electional a little late ?

    Also, “everyone” isn´t exactly clear. Mother and father is clearly an obvious worry in a case like this. Uncles and cousins are not necessarily of any interest in the question. Other people in general could well take the 7th house.

    Also, as I don´t know the situation, it is not clear to me why the mother´s friend would know before the mother. So, I am tempted to give her the 7th house of any other person, and give her mercury. As the mother and the friend are mercury, and they aren´t in silent signs or in cadent houses, I would say that it would be likely that the friend did tell.

    Am I wrong here ? I see this post is from september, so I guess that if I were right there would be an follow up by now, unless the void moon really made the matter die.

  3. Nice to hear from you. Nice thought about the horary/electional. I’ll definitely have to consider it in the future.

    Right, I understood the dilemma with the word “everyone”, but I knew he meant his family members, which was why I assigned it the way I did, using mainly the third house for the majority of his family members.

    The mother’s friend knows before his mother because he lives with his mother’s friend currently as his mother lives in another state. So, it’s not like they interact so much.

    You’re right, though, I guess it’s about time I update this, right? 🙂 Anyway, what ended up happening was that his mother’s friend did tell one of her friends, but not his mother (or so she claims at least, you know how that works). His mother did find out and she was not at all pleased about it, but she seems to have calmed down since then. I suppose that’s the shift from Virgo to Libra in action. A dislike to a “dealing with it” of sorts.

  4. Yes, I was a little afraid to post too much, but as I said, mercury in virgo going to Libra, mercury representing both the mother and the friend (now I am sure) was a real indication that the friend would talk to the mother (even indirectly).

    Thank you for the feedback, Ryoin, and good luck to your boyfriend and yourself.

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