8 comments on “Astrology: The Sweet Dreams of the 8th House

  1. Technically, the Ninth house is the house of dreams, the Eighth house is the house of sleep. Second from the Eighth, what sleep holds, also the Ninth house is the house of religion and philosophy, where we reach out from ourselves for assistance, or where it comes to us; teachers, clergy, god, dreams.

  2. Okay, I went and asked the author of Temple of the Skys, Deb Houlding of Skyscripts what she thought of the house rulership and she agreed that the 9th should be used. Below the corrispondence,

    “Hi Theresa

    I only have time for a quick answer as I am preparing for an overseas
    trip. But Lilly really did mean dreams and nightmares in his reference
    to the traditional listings of the 9th house, and in fact he gives some
    interpretations of dreams that make reference to the 9th house.

    Sorry this is so brief but I hope it helps,

    Deb Houlding

    Soooooo… I can still look at this as my terrors and fears of the 8th house… they just come up and remind me in my sleep.

  3. I wouldn’t put it like that…the Eighth house isn’t really related here. The nature of your dreams is signified by the Ninth house itself, just like if I were to ascertain your physical well-being from your First house. If the Eighth house lord is involved or the Ninth house lord in the Eighth house or something like that, then yes, but assuming it automatically comes from the Eighth house (when in fact recurring nightmares and terrors and phobias sound a lot more like the Twelfth house to me) seems a bit like bad astrology to me. πŸ˜›

  4. eh, bad Astrology…

    Your own words “when in fact recurring nightmares and terrors and phobias sound a lot more like the Twelfth house to me”

    Bad counting I guess, the 8th house is the 12th house to the 9th house.


  5. No one said we had to turn radical charts. πŸ˜› The Eighth house would then be the secrets of the Ninth house, so if you’ve got some clergyman or teacher in mind you think is doing naughty things, then you might be on to something. πŸ˜‰ However, I don’t think turning charts is a good exercise to get used to.

    Save it for when you need it, and try not to need it.

  6. and Ryoin says

    “Save it for when you need it, and try not to need it.” and “Second from the Eighth, what sleep holds”

    Well I needed to.

    Just following your example (how do you make a batting eyelashes smiley?)

    And just where are the comments from the modern Astrologers about now?

  7. Eighth house is subconscious house. We know dreams are connected to subconscious.

    I think that the traditional rulership of Jupiter over dreams is more due to its ancient rulership of Pisces. Also I read somewhere that the 9th holds the “prophetic dreams” dreams which can tell and predict the future… maybe connected in a large part with politics, with travel (astral travel) rather than your typical night time self.

    I would blame it on Neptune. Then I would say maybe the 12th house, definitely the 12th house, is place of being asleep in the daytime. The 8th though is a place of fear, and perhaps it should be thought of in terms of day-time fear gets repressed and has free reign at night, when you can’t control what your mind is doing.

    Yes the 8th is place of nightmares and bad dreams. Moon tells you what your night time self is like, how you dream maybe, maybe how you sleep, whether good or bad. Whether restless or whether like a plank.

    Dreams can take place during near death experiences, the dream of floating towards the tunnel of light. This belongs to the eighth house, but maybe, house 9 is the destination in some way? the 8th house is the emotional state which is the pre-cursor to stepping over into the 9th, which is the “other side”, house of God. It is after all spiritual, fire house, and “higher” self may be not a physical self.

  8. No one said anything about Jupiter having rulership of dreams. Regardless, are you saying the “ancient rulership” no longer applies? That’s ridiculous, the significations Jupiter held as the ruler of Pisces are not just dropped off of him because Neptune supposedly came and took this Sign away from him. Sorry, but planets don’t just stop meaning things because people think something else covers it better. Your reading about the Ninth house concerning only prophetic dreams is incorrect, Lilly has a horary example in Christian Astrology: Of Dreams, Whether They Signify Anything or Not (pg. 434). Lord of the Ninth is looked to and planets therein, we’re looking to see if the dream did indeed forecast some terrible event, but Lilly implies that the nature of all dreams can be seen in a similar fashion.

    The Eighth house really has nothing to do with it, Saturn being involved with your Ninth house or the Eighth house lord with your Ninth house is what’s going to do it.

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