8 comments on “Transit Jupiter Trine Venus (Could Astrology Be Wrong?)

  1. Ah, but you see… getting a nice big new material possession (the fridge) IS classic for a Venus/Jupiter transit. So is overeating.

    Did you look carefully inside to make sure Prince Charming *wasn’t* stuffed into it? 🙂

  2. I know, right? I just marvel over the “print out” Astrology newsletters and how the promise love and romance is with every aspect. I could see why this one would be tempting to do so, but with both planets being in Fall…. well, I guess I will love my new refrigerator. (Progressed Venus is in the 2nd house after all)

    Did you see the last comments on the horary of my love life? Bleh, IF I find Prince Charming, I just may “keep” him in there.

  3. Okay, okay…. we know Astrology works… so I am going to work with it. Jupiter and Venus trined? Well, I have an extra helping of Jupiter type build (gah, yeah I am fluffy) so I joined up on a BBW dating site. Makes sense, Jupiter Trine Venus! Let you all know how that works out.

  4. Update on the dating service thing… Jupiter and Venus were in their fall. 24 hours on there and I deleted my profile. I noticed that everyone had a script of expectations… it reminded me of someone car shopping. Must be this and that and looking for blah blah blah. I am not going to audition for a bit part in someone elses play. I also found I did something weird, I singled out 3 men that all had something in common with another “unavailable” guy I know. So then I had to start wondering about me, and if I was doing the same scripting. So I don’t think I am at a point in life I am ready to date… and I don’t think the world is at a point it is ready for me either.

  5. Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the link, I hope someone reading this thread finds it helpful (and tells us about it!). I think I had a serious wake up call or maybe it was just Venus opposed Uranus transit (Uranus is now on my Venus Solar Arc) I almost repeated a mistake by caving in to self doubt and by not living up to the convictions that I expect myself to… for right now, I need to take care of me. And I do have Pluto about to cross over my 12th and sit on my Sun and thumb it’s nose at my Moon opposition, all with Saturn about to enter the 8th and conjunct with Pluto and Uranus…. someone is going to find me in a dungeon aren’t they? I think I really need to be careful who I surround myself with from here on out… Neptune and Uranus going over my Sun was bad enough.

  6. As you show, romance is clearly not on the agenda. You could of course meet your local Dracula. Dangerous liasons here you come. Of course you could also meet a drunk lesbian (Pluto opp Moon) in a bar who turns out to be an axe murderer. If you invite anyone home, remember to keep those ice-picks out of sight, unless ‘basic instinct’ is your thing.

  7. I am interested in a guy and a friend of mine tells me next year he has jupiter and pluto trining his venus. So she says he will meet someone
    and it will be big. Bit of a dampner as I was having a little hope around
    this friendship developing into something majical. What do you think

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