6 comments on “Astrology: And everything under the Sun

  1. I love your blog; I will reading it a lot in the future no doubt. BTW, we both share Jupiter in Aries. May I suggest that you could die in a violent (Pluto), and unexpected (Uranus) Automobile (Uranus – or Mars if you see it is as a mechanical device) accident and you will die of a head wound. It will be a peaceful death because you will not experience any pain as death is either likely to be instanteous or you will go into a coma and then slowly drift upwards into the higher realms. Hey, hope that isn’t too morbid. Disclaimer: It may never happen that way.Hehe.

    Best wishes for Peace Profound,

  2. Glad you like the blog, we enjoy writing it!

    Morbid, nah… I have a fun chart to look for death in and my Astrologer friends and I have made up some funny scenarios. Alan Leo’s suggestion is the Sun square Jupiter… death by large animal… I have one planet at a degree that says I will drown. Put those two together and that is funny right there. Uranus I always took as being electricity being involved or an airplane. (I could stretch it to a UFO). Uranus conjunct Pluto in the 8th??? Marital aid mishap comes to mind 🙂 I was talking with Ryoin right after he published this and said, wait my kids are represented by Mercury and Mars and they both have Uranus square their Moons…. better let them borrow the car anytime they want. Actually I would welcome a death by concussion. I love the thought of my soul smashing through my body at incredible speeds! Okay now who is morbid? I also have had to deal with all relationships I have had, and probably will have, they always apply their Pluto and Uranus to my 7th house…. eh it will probably be something boring like using a vacuum to clean out the fish tank.

  3. God…what a morbid thread!! I do think that your death is quite obvious. The 5th\8th house rulers are the same and lie in your 12th house….you will most likely kick the bucket while tied up and getting you booty smacked! Mars rules your 3rd house of communication so your last words will probably be “Smack it harder Daddy”!!! At least it will be an exciting death and at home in your bedroom, (12th house).

    And I thought that my chart was interesting…..

  4. LOL!! Now definitely won’t fear death any longer with that scenario. Seriously, my Uranus is at the degree of Homicide… I first thought that meant me being the perpetrator… so we have another element we can add to the how am I going to die comment thread! You know we could all be betting on this, but I won’t be around to collect afterwards.

  5. Capricornian sense of humour! : )

    I think that there are all the elements here for a good death. But I think astrology gives you the potential… You have to decide what in your heart of hearts you’d like it to be like at the end.

    But to be honest, I think you’ll die at 104, artharitic and in bed, with your house full of ornaments, and junk, because you’ll turn into a collector when your kids leave home and either you’ll absent mindedly leave the toaster on and burn in your bag filled house (you’ll also have dementia and think it’s Christmas).

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