3 comments on “The Eclipse: Make it Personal

  1. Great article . This Eclipse will conjunct my natal Venus and Pluto within 1 degree. This should prove to be an interesting event will let you know how it works out . Enjoy your writings very much so clearly written even a novice can understand.

  2. You might also want to read “Economic Implications of the Solar Eclipse in your Personal Horoscope,” by Kaye Shinker at http://www.astrologicalinvesting.com/html/financialastrology_articles.html . In this article astrologer Kaye Shinker gives interpretations of how a Solar Eclipse affects the financial side of planets in your personal chart. Also, she lists the Zodiac positions of recent solar eclipses and the next 5 solar eclipses. Calculate your personal chart and take a look at each of the planets as you read. This article will provide a few clues as to how an eclipse to any one of your planets will effect your future finances.

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