33 comments on “Synastry Aspects for Soulmates and Twinflames

  1. Okay I am going to point this out before everyone else does!

    “and angelical doves, floating on whispery heart shaped bubbles infusing the air with the aroma of lavender and roses.”

    The bubbles infusing not the doves infusing….. haa haa dove farts….

  2. thanks a lot for such nice thread. I found that this evening and the main reason I’ve joined this site is to write this message.
    In a composite chart with one girl from the other country I feel is fated we have Vertex conjunction Descendant, about 1 deg orb.!
    We had only email contacts for about a half of a year, and later, that girl decided not to write to me more, we are not in contact for longer then one year, but I am almost sure that she will come again. There are so many signs for that…

    And regarding your thread, her SUn/MOon MP is 4.11 Sco, mine is 3.50 Leo, very strong square. Her Vertex is 3.12 Sco.
    Her North node is 5.18 Aqua, so my Sun/Mon is close, less more then 1 deg.
    Her Mars and Apollo are exactly on my South node.
    My Moon/Venus MP squares her with 1 deg orb.
    Our Venus/PLuto MPs squares eachother with less then one deg. orb.
    Etc etc,

  3. Yes, thank you for your writing here.

    If there really is a soul link, as in a twinflame, I feel that I’ve found one. The experience is one of flowing synergy, mutual compassion, occasional intensity and unspoken understanding. Here are the aspects:

    A completed grand trine involving her sun trine to her moon that both trine my sun.
    This grand trine also involves the two most important midpoints….meaning… her moon is conjunct my asc/mc midpoint by 1/8 degree and my sun is in opposition to her sun/moon midpoint by 1/3 degree. Her sun is also conjunct my north node by ¼ degree in the seventh house. I think that’s a powerful grand trine…
    My vertex is conjunct her mercury by 1 degree…love the sound of her voice/words.
    Her vertex is conjunct her DC by 3 degrees and my IC sits right in the middle (note the MC/IC to ASC/DC overlay).
    Both venuses are mutually received in the seventh.
    Both moons are mutually received in the eleventh (often considered best location).
    In the composite chart both sun and venus are in the seventh house where venus is conjunct the vertex and also in trine to the moon in the eleventh. The composite north node is conjunct the descendant…

    There are many more interesting aspects but these, if I am correct, are supposed to be very strong karmic indicators. A “soul mate” relation for sure.

  4. Hi Stacy,

    Ryoin and I are both professionals and our contact information is on the about page at the top of the blog pages (to let everyone else out there know how to get a hold of one of us.) I will email you later personally.

  5. hi winterspirit1,

    I have several oppostions in synastry with a guy who I really like,unfortunately. It has never happened to me, but when I first saw him I thought that he might reflect my ideal man and felt sort of a deep connection, strange huh? I’m a leo and he’s aqua … unfortunately he is commited eventhough he sends me signs as tough he likes me, coz he stares at me and even notices me in crowdy places eventhough being acqua with venus in this sign he should act aloof if he likes someone, but he certainly does not ignore me and this is not just my impression. I never flirted with him or anything and never will, after discovering that he is dating someone else.Anyway, how can I forget him? and how do you think he sees me according to these aspects. is there a karmic connection?
    Sun Opposition Mercury
    Moon Opposition Venus
    Venus Opposition Sun
    Mars Opposition Pluto
    Uranus Opposition Jupiter
    his mars trines my venus

  6. these are other oppositions
    Moon Opposition Saturn
    Moon Opposition Neptune
    Mercury Opposition Sun
    Venus Opposition Moon

  7. Sierra,

    It would be irresponsible of me as an Astrologer to say anything other than “Wow, that’s a lot of oppositions”. There is so much more to Synastry than just looking at the aspects of one planet to the other. I urge you to go through the blog and read my other Synastry articles if you are inclined to learn how to read a chart. If you are looking for a quick answer or confirmation, you will need to hire a professional Astrologer willing to take the time and their expertise to give you insight. Things to consider would be the nature of the planets, the nature of the signs, the receptions given, the individual make up of each natal chart…. etc… it is a long list. I wish you luck on your educational journey… I have said often, nothing like trying to figure out an Aquarian man to learn Astrology!

  8. hI THEREE
    i really liked this website and thank you for preparing a site like this for a astrology lovers like me out there.
    I am into astrology over years but not a prof. of course.

    I have a question.How can we see if we are going to meet a person we really would like to.

    Frankly : i have met ?! this guy 9yrs ago via internet but…we never meet face to face.

    Should i check the composite or synastry and which houses or planets?

    i am sorry if too many questions but i am waiting for a long time for this meeting and i need to find out..

    Thank you

    Best Rgds

  9. I think I have met my twin soul.

    Her north node is conjunct my moon by 2 degrees
    Her ascendant is conjunct my south node at 0 degrees
    Her anti-vertex is conjunct my sun at 0 degrees
    Her sun/mood midpoint is conjunct my moon at 0 degrees
    Her venus is conjunct her sun/moon midpoint at 0 degrees

    I met her on a dating website 3 years ago and have forged a profoundly deep connection ever since. She lived interstate. We messaged each other daily, and talked of moving interstate together (as friends) even though we’d never met in person. We both had feelings beyond friends, but she didn’t think she could be in a romantic relationship with me since we were poles apart in nearly everything…and the biggy was I believed in God and she was a passionate atheist and our opposing beliefs bothered each other. I decided to stop messaging her because as long as she was in my life I was afraid that no one else would ever compare. Last year I got curious and reconnected with her again, and our bond is as strong as ever, however she got into a happy committed relationship after I left her the first time, with someone who is much more like her. Despite all of our superficial differences, we get each other at the deepest level, I trust her completely and feel safe. I believe if given a chance we’d be happy to be by each other’s side forever, and it would work, but she is happily in love and I must accept that. I find myself having to move on, yet again. The timing is always off.

  10. “The timing is always off.” by Affinity

    Seems to be a common factor… timing off or just short spurts of interaction to leave a lifetime of love and pain. I think when working with this energy, it is so intense, it is near impossible to make it permanent. It would be like sunbathing on Mercury.

  11. Hi, thought I would share my experience of a possible twin flame. I was meditating with a group of people 25 years ago and to my surprise became aware that there was someone in the room that felt the same as I felt to myself. I looked to see who it was and saw a young man sitting there. I was young then too. Later I found out his name and that he had the same birthday as me but four years younger and that he was married. A year later he got divorced and then remarried a year later again. Then 23 years later (2 1/2 yrs. ago) I was meditating again in a group where he was, over a period of time and started having experiences of bliss flowing through me in connection with him. It again took me by surprise. I have had these experience by myself but not with someone I am meditating with like that. It went on to experiencing a merging of souls and complete immersion in bliss and the most deepest love I have ever felt and alot of growth spiritually. I eventually had to force this to stop – very difficult – as it was too hard for me to experience this with someone I could not be with and share with in physical reality.
    I have had intuitive hits but who knows if something will actually ever come of it. When I started having these experiences he did start relating to me in a manner that made me realize something was going on for him too, but I have kept my distance due to off-course his marriage. I have seen him regularly in our community all these 25 years but had completely let go of any suppositions as I was not aware of having any romantic feelings for him before. He always seems very different to me outwardly. But I did always feel spiritually as if we were the same. Not as with other people that I have met where I have felt that I knew them before sort of thing. Any way I recently started looking into it astrologically and also our progressed composite. The progressed composite blew my mind as at the time I was having those experiences our planets formed a star of david in water and fire which used to be considered the alchemical divine marriage. And also a grand cross at the same time. A bit of a relief to actually see this in print. Some proof that I was not just imagining this. Though I do not have that good an imagination.
    Anyway the natal synergy is:

    Suns conjunct in scorpio
    Ascendants conjunct in gemini
    Moons opposite – his leo/mine aquarius
    My moon conjunct his MC
    His moon conjunct my IC
    My pluto conjunt his moon and his IC
    His pluto opposite my moon and midheaven
    Our vertex conjunct – though 4 degrees
    Our suns trine my moon
    Our sun moon midpoint conjunt his vertex
    His pallas conjunt my north node
    His moon conjunct my mean black lillith
    His neptune conjunct our sun
    His saturn conjunt my venus – gratefully 6 degrees apart
    His chiron and lillith sextile my venus
    His mars sextile my mars
    His jupiter and venus sextile my mercury
    My jupiter sextile his mars
    His uranus trine my venus
    My neptune trine his ascendant
    My moon trine his ascendant
    We have alot of planets in each others 5th house
    His in my 4th
    Some in 6th
    Rest scattered
    My chiron and mars in his 7th
    His juno conjunct my mars and trine my jupiter

    Also our birthday number is 27 which I read is one of the twin soul numbers.

    Anyway not sure if this is of interest or if anyone has any insight into it,
    but thanks for reading it if you did. 🙂

    Weird to have these experiences and not be with the person. But I do see that he is not ready on the emotional plane and me on the physical.
    But I do trust in the divine force within us all to bring to us what is for our highest good and in the meantime keep growing.

  12. Great insight and I think that squares also hold a lot of energy. I have venus square pluto with a guy I’m very drawn to . . . His pluto squares my venus by about 3.30 degrees. I’ve read that the pluto person has the upper hand, true in my case. His north node is conjunct my sun, moon and mercury. To my sun 2.21 degrees, to my moon 6 degrees, to my mercury a half degree. Also, his venus is conjunct my south node, 4 degrees. I am completely drawn to him and every time we’re in the same vicinity I catch him staring at me. Of course, nothing is going to happen, he’s married and we have our own separate families to care for. I happen to be a single parent. He is married (unhappily, I think). But yep, we have some great synastry between our charts.

  13. impressive synastry there, clondra.

    what caught my eye was the neptune combinations. neptune is the planet of spirituality and is described as “Lightbearer for the spiritual sun”. and your suns in scorpio means that your beings delve naturally into the mysteries, proved by your involvement in meditation.

    of special interest to me are neptune aspects because i, too, have neptune in scorpio. in the first house conjunct my asc, sextiled by mars, uranus and pluto, trined by saturn. the spiritual synergy is a very tangible dynamic in my existence.

    when another person makes me feel more spiritual, i look for neptune aspects.

  14. This is a very helpful article and many of the points to explore have been proven to be true.

    I have not had anyone be able to explain this situation maybe you can help. I share 5 major conjunctions with someone who I believe is my twinflame. Our suns, mercury, moon, venus, and mars are all in the same sign although the sun and mars placements are not tight but the rest are. It is uncanny to share such similarities with someone how would you read this? It’s like he is me reincarnated in another body. Even our Jupiters are both in different earth signs. We are 14 years apart so it’s not as if we are close in age.

  15. Wow.

    I was looking for info on the web about the synastry aspect I have with a certain someone – apparently both his Sun and Moon fall exactly on my IC.

    If this is not karma, the tension is strong enough to start researching, only to find out that it is 🙂

  16. thank you for all of this. sometimes a karmic soul relationship is just enough to get one into therapy. I met someone where there are so many mutual contacts in synastry:
    mutual conj VENUS and JUPITER
    his VENUS conj my PLUTO
    his PLUTO opp my VENUS
    His nodal axis conjunct my SUN/MOON (leo aqu)
    my nodal axis conjunct his ASC DESC
    his CHIRON conj my VENUS
    mutual square MARS PLUTO
    mutual square MARS JUP
    his SUN trine my VENUS and my ASC
    mutual trine VENUS and JUNO

    he is married and the attraction is so strong BETWEEN US, that I put myself in therapy!

  17. hi
    how is your antiscon conj your moon -13 degrees different- dont understand- thought we were supposed to keep orbs tight.please explain.or wher can i lookup antiscons,thanks

  18. Very interesting article, thanks!
    I was going to add that i have read somewhere that the draconic chart also plays a very important role in karmic relationships. On can compare their draconic chart with the other’s draconic or natal chart and vice versa.

  19. I found this article very informative and it must be stated though that although you have incredible synastry it does not always correlate to a lasting relationship. One never knows really how the relationships with another will turn out in the end.

    I had synastry with one partner that was out of this world. I will not go through each aspect point way to many to list of all the conjunctions, oppositions, squares through the natal, meeting, progressed, solar arc and composite. He was that soulmate you sleep with a knife under your pillow. I have a restraining order and I am still terrified of the man.

    So great synastry points do not always equal great relationships.

  20. “until person A has learned to control his afflicted Mercury… person B may not be able to live with deception… until that changes or person B develops their Neptune aspects… that is just an example, it could play out many different ways.”

    Wow that is rather profound and I do agree with it whole heartedly I am friends with someone now that two years ago couldn’t stand me, and the feeling was mutual. It’s like even though we had a lot of fated things that could have the abilty to bind us together forever we kept at a distance because we where so uncomfortable with the energy but it wasn’t until both of us grew up a little and worked on each other that we found that we could be very idea friends/loves.

  21. Found your blog last week while searching the net for synastry information. Question: why are nodal squares part of ‘soul mate’ relationships? Is it based on souls working out karma?

  22. I’m sorry but, what the frick is an IC? I like the blog but I wish it was typed in simpler terms >.<

    • IC= Imum Coeli. I’s essentially the latin name for the fourth house cusp.

      If you have any more questions about terminology or anything then just ask, it’s what the comments section is for. 🙂

  23. Thanks for the interesting blog post! I have a perplexing synastry situation between my ‘soulmate’. We have so many tight connections and several apsects repeating. We seem to complete each other Astrologically…every personal planet in tune and heavily involved. For example, my Sun and Mercury are in the same Pisces degree and they aspect all the planets, as well as his nodal axis, from his 4th house. There’s much harmony in our connections, but my Moon is rather left out.

    I have an Aquarius Moon, and it is quincunx/inconjunct his Pluto, Uranus, MC, and Jupiter (plus he has a Cancer Sun, Moon, and Mars-inconjunct by signs). Also, this Moon of mine rules my Cancer Dsc, and is opposite his Mercury who rules his 7th…His Neptune squares both.
    My Moon is just so out of harmony with everything else. I’m only curious of such an situation because the Moon is very important for relationships such as ours. My Sun and others are happy, but Moon is out…Any thoughts?

  24. I dont know if it applies to first meeting charts. But at the time I met my SO 15 months ago, I had tr Moon and Tr northnode both conjunct my natal vertex exactly. He is the best thing that’s ever happened to me 🙂

  25. this is one of the best astro articles I’ve read,i couldn’t find it for a while as I’ve seen it before and only just found it reading about synastry…so i bookmarked it…:)

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