10 comments on “Horary Interactive Fun…Come Burst My Bubble!

  1. Venus and Mars get together on September 12th (ish), but at that time the sun will be opposed to Uranus-the *anything can happen*aspect.On the good side, Jupiter and saturn will be trine then also.
    As the moon, in your horary chart, moves to square mars, ruler of partners in the future (H7) I think you may have to wait a while…Venus, You, is leaving combustion with the sun (a bit burnt out, or browned off???) and applying to opposition with jupiter.The sun to which your ruler is conjoined, is also square the ascendant so it looks like youre not really *ready* yet…
    The moon’s sextile to uranus tells me you might just run into someone a bit out of the blue, just going about your daily routines in about a years time. (moon in a fixed sign).
    The ruler of *the partner to be* is placed in your eleventh-so maybe *an old friend* especially as mars is conjoined with saturn.

  2. Thanks Plutonia for your take on this. I also wondered if this is someone that I already know, due to the retrogrades, and Venus (me) under the beams of the Sun (Male influence). Mars the ruler of the 7th and the mystery man is in the 11th, and that is important to me. The one conclusive parameter I have decided upon for the future, I am only going to get involved with friends…. I keep my friends for ever, relationships always come and go. The Moon in the 8th is a bit unfortunate, but very content in Taurus. The square to Mars does say there is some tension that needs to be worked out before both the Moon and Mars change signs. Again a suggestion of someone I already know and have to work out issues with. The lord of the 5th is Saturn found in the 11th also. I guess that is where friendship will turn to more when seeing Mars and the Moon change into Virgo. The Modern ruler of the 5th Aquarius is Uranus found retrograde in the 6th and turned 12th. Someone is hiding and has appeared to disappear, may be tending some health issues of their own. What strikes me about this chart is how well placed, in joy, and dignity the Sun is and right on the MC….. Public figure or just someone I would idolize? Now, remember in the original post I mentioned death as prominent with my “dating pool”… I am trying to ignore that Mars (7th ruler) is moments from a Pluto trine… keep telling myself, we don’t use modern planets.

  3. I have had some private responses about this chart. One said, OMG it is so depressing I don’t have the heart to delineate it for you…. LOL… We have an antagonistic friendship, so not putting much stock into this answer as he is always out to get my “goat”.

    The other one said I will meet someone at work… oooh, so far working from home better check under the bed. Although I do have some part time bartending I do and am looking for another part time job…. She didn’t feel it was a returning person… since we were on messenger, we did another horary about the horary, and got a yes, it is someone I know and will see him again in the unit of 5… 5 days? Weeks? Months?

  4. I wonder who that friend is?? Hmmm…

    Your ruler is combust in the 10th house. I don’t think that a traditional relationship is what you really want deep down. I think that you need to be a dominatrix with a couple of men to toss around at your whim! This combustion is stopping you from seeing the truth.

    I hate to agree with your other friend but this future sub is indeed someone that you have known intimately, (Moon separated from trine to Saturn). I am having a hard time typing this but…you two will get back together. Grrr…There I said it! The Moon applies to a sextile with the Sun. Also very interesting is the fact that the Sun is in MR with Mars, (ruler of the 7th) and the Moon is in MR with Venus, (you)!

    The 4th house, (how things will end), shares the same ruler as the 5th, (Saturn). The last aspect from the Moon is a trine to Jupiter which is retrograding in your 4th house. He will return….

    Must go and wash my hands now….

  5. Yes!!! Wonder no more, it is you my antagonistic but very funny friend.

    I feel very privileged to have Ed answer. He would rather I not know anything and be tormented all the while, it is easier to tease me that way.

    Okay, I guess I can stop emailing you now about hating all you Aquarians and wishing to throw rocks at you. (It’s not hate, purely frustration and the love of throwing rocks too)

  6. I think the separating Combustion of Venus is indicative of something, but that’s a bit later on down the road. While you are Venus, I find it very interesting that Venus is most interested in Luna, and Luna most interested in Venus right back, a beautiful mutual reception between these two showing a direct concern with your own emotional health. Also, Venus is interested in Jupiter (I think you know who this is), but Jupiter is more interested in Saturn who rules the Fifth house. So obviously you are involved with someone who is more interested in romance and fun as opposed to a serious relationship. We already knew this stuff, though, so that’s not helpful. Mars represents a potential other, and we see Mars is in Leo, giving no reception to Luna or Venus and Luna applies a Square to this Mars, so I do think you’ll meet someone new in seven somethings, across Fixed Signs and suceedant houses, it’s going to be a long time. However, still, I don’t find this new relationship to be very good as the brunt of that Square is not lessened by any sort of reception between the two involved. Also, take into account how Mars is at the tail end of Leo and about to move into Virgo, the Sign of Venus’s enemies. So it might start out good, but it’ll only hurt you in the end. 😦

  7. I guess I should up date this…. everyone was right. I did have a blip on the love life radar. Plutonia got the date close… within the week. It was who I thought it would be. And, we are now very good friends (11th house). Sigh, back to the dating pool.

  8. So, the simplest way to read the chart is to say that the Moon, which is here being taken as representing you, and Uranus, which is the ruler of the 5th house, are going to make a sextile aspect. This happens very quickly – In just over two weeks, if we use the Generally Accepted Measurement of Time. And the man (I’m gonna go for broke!) will be somehow involved in the film industry! Either that, or in a new-age religion – paganism, or something similar. So, what happened?

  9. Hi Jonathan,

    I have been offline for a few months, sorry I didn’t get back sooner to you. Okay, first of all I am surprised you didn’t get a no no finger wag from Ryoin, as Horary rarely will use a modern planet. Never the less they do exist, right?

    Okay, very disappointing love life!!! The guy that was suspected to “return” kind of did in September. It was then we decided we will always be the very best of friends (and we are) and dating was put on the back burner while we both figure out how to mess up our lives further 🙂 . I have had a few flirtings but keep deciding I don’t want to go out with anyone right now and shut those down. …. the go for broke, I am assuming it is a Neptune influence that made you think film industry…. but Neptune addiction, deception and a very confused was an Ultra conservative Christian…. 8th house sig?…. maybe the 2 is 2 years?

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