3 comments on “Retrogrades: Revisiting An Old Friend

  1. I found this a very interesting entry. Most people view retrogrades as entirely negative, and I like your focus about how it can be used positively!

    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  2. I’m really excited to have found your great, new blog! I would like to sign up for your RSS feed (as I’m sure a lot of other readers would like to do), but you don’t have the button to do so in your sidebar. Here’s how to do it:

    Go to Dashboard, then Design, then Widgets. On the Widgets page, look in the left-hadn column for “Meta.” Click on “Add.” Then go to the bottom of the right-hand column, and click on “Save Changes.” That will take care of it.

    Then readers who come across your blog can sign up for all your article to appear on the main pages of Yahoo, Google, or whatever they use.

    Best of luck on your exiting new blog (and I added a link to your blog on my own, under Astrology).

    Best regards,
    Margot, the Marrakesh Mystic

  3. First thank you for the invite. Very professional set up and your articles are so witty and to the point. Very good read.

    Found your article on Retrograde’s amazing I’d been looking for someone for nearly 25 or so years to thank them for a meaningful kindness they’d done almost 30 years before. Never had much luck locating this person then one day we were able to connect. They’ve never married and I am not sure where this is going if anywhere. This person calls me”every” day to chat. Their birthday is XX-XX-XXXX their time is X:XX am and born Arlington,Va now living in Orlando,Fl. My birth info is XX-XX-XXXX born Elkton,MD at X:XX pm EWT and now living in Vicksburg,MS. I’ve tried to get a handle on this but, like you said, it’s difficult to be objective with ones own problem. I’d greatly appreciate any feedback on this subject.

    (Edited to remove birthdates at the request of the poster. – Ryo)

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