2 comments on “Virgos Make for Some Funny Leos

  1. Very amusing (and true).
    I am the opposite really, Virgo rising, so my impression is always quite humble (unless I am drunk), but I do think Virgo gets a bad press, most especially when compared to Leo. I’ve learned not to underestimate the Virgos I know, they have a way of quietly getting on with things and getting the job done and then not really being much aware of the achievement. It’s a sign that has real humility, but we live in a world shaped by Pluto in Leo, so humility gets no credence, neither does simplicity. Virgos are natural Buddhists.

  2. This is priceless, wintersprite1! Why is it that some of us desire to be someone other than who we are? This manifests in so many different areas of life–not just astrological.

    I remember my first “real” encounter with astrology; I was thumbing through the pages of my mother’s baby names book, trying to find the perfect name for a fictional character. In the index of the book was a chart of characteristics, and those associated with a particular sun sign had x’s under the appropriate column. Each of the twelve signs had a column, and the dates the sun was in that particular sign were listed. I already knew I was an Aries, so I didn’t need to check these dates, but I was appalled by the characteristics that were associated with my sign! I don’t remember any of them, unfortunately, but I perceived nearly all of them to be negative. At that moment, I fervently wished–not for the last time–that I was not an Aries.

    So desperate was I to be another sign that I began to list all of the days in which the Sun was in the sign of Aries, attempting to determine whether my day of birth was closer to Pisces or Taurus. I crossed off the first and the last day, working my way towards the middle until, horrified, I came to April 4th and April 5th. I was as far away from either sign as I could get!

    When I began studying natal charts many years later, I learned that I had my natal Sun, Moon, Mercury, and Venus in Aries. Naturally, I ignored this, and focused on the one “important” area of my chart that was not Aries–my Aquarius Ascendant. I read descriptions of this Ascendant on various astrology sites, and I related so well to one of these descriptions that I fashioned my screen name after it. It didn’t matter that I had an Aries stellium; I called myself Aquarian Maverick simply because my Ascendant was in this sign–or so I thought. I studied this chart for six months before I accidentally came across my brother’s birth certificate. His time of birth was listed as the same time of birth my mother had given me, so I checked my own birth certificate for the first time. This time of birth gave me an Aries Ascendant and placed my Aries stellium in my first house! So much for attempting to ignore its presence…


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